Q: I usually agree with your advice, but when you were a teen in the 1950s, your family had more time to have talks and do things together. Today there’s just not enough time. — K.P., Clear Lake, Texas A: I agree that making time to interact with their teens is one of the biggest problems facing today’s parents. However, […]

Some people were brought up in families that practiced daily conversations. Teens are bombarded with sounds. They may relish moments of silence and reflection. Sometimes school and family are the last things they want to talk about. Your child might even want to talk to someone about her fears, hopes or dreams . . . someone who will just listen […]

Many kids in their early teens who wish to become actively involved in some summer activities, but yet are too young for regular employment have other options available. Many places, like the parks and public zoos, will not use young volunteers because of insurance risks, but The Humane Society is often a viable option. They usually need help of various […]

Heart-to-heart communication differs with each child. Even though you feel you are not receiving from one daughter, what you are sending to her may still be effective. If your standoffish daughter still asks your opinion on things important to her, she is communicating and interacting. Even if your conversations are brief, she may be getting what she wants. Some people […]

Q: Last year a friend of mine committed suicide. I can’t forget it and keep feeling I could have done something to prevent it. I know I get depressed sometimes, but I can snap out of it. I guess many other teens can’t. I read that 5,000 commit suicide each year and that it is the leading cause of death […]

Q: My wife and I work long hours at high-stress jobs in order to have the time and money to take one or two nice vacations each year. The last three have been disasters because of the way our teenagers (a son, l7, and a daughter, 15) behave. We spend the whole time trying to do things they would enjoy, […]

The entire nation was stunned when Magic Johnson announced recently that he is infected with the AIDS virus. His commitment to work for AIDS prevention has been applauded nationwide. There has been some controversy, however, about his initial “Safe Sex” message– with many feeling that abstinence, an option he is now advocating along with safe sex practices, should have a […]

There has been considerable controversy over school-based Project 10 counseling services in the past few years. Started by Virginia Uribe at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, the Project 10 model is now being used at high schools across the nation to give counseling and emotional support to students who know or feel that they might be gay and/or who […]

Bacterial Vaginosis, or B.V., is simply a new name for the old infection Gardnerella Vaginitis, also known as Hemophilus Vaginitis. What is the infection with all these names? Bacterial vaginosis is the name for the organism responsible for a malodorous vaginal discharge which also causes irritation of the vagina and genital area. This infection is very common in adolescent girls. […]

Many parents wonder when a teenage girl should have her first pelvic exam and Pap smear. Such exams should begin when she starts having sex–or when you suspect that she may be sexually active. The Pap smear, as you may know, involves a slight scraping of the cervix with the cells obtained placed on a slide and sent to a […]