Wise parents know that children need free time to actively enjoy childhood and friends, but they need quiet, relaxing activities, too. Reading for enjoyment really fills the bill. When children read (or are read to) for fun, they build many skills at the same time. If you are a good reader, you probably know that you read a phrase or […]

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If you are going through a divorce in your family the best advice is to be honest with your children, share your feelings, and keep explanations very simple. Do not do any blaming! Reassure them though some things in their daily lives will change, many things will remain just the same, such as your love for them. Children pick up […]

A mother in New Jersey wrote to me recently concerned about her son’s acne. It had reached such a heightened level of severity that he refused to leave the house. She was desperate for ideas to help her son. I told her that whatever she does, don’t respond by telling him “Everyone your age has that problem,” or “It doesn’t […]

A wonderful book that will answer all your travel questions, help you pre plan and pack, and make you feel secure is Vicki Lansky`s book, “Trouble Free Travel with Children,“ (Book Peddlers, 6.95) Try your book store, or call Book Peddlers at 1-800-255-3379 and explain why you need it post haste. This book covers all types of travel, gives an […]

If you have young children and expect to maintain a perfectly clean house, perfect “Martha Stewart“ decorations and meals, perfect gift choices and perfectly behaved children, you are setting yourself up for disaster. Having unrealistic expectations is a major cause of stress. * Look at your calendar and set REALISTIC goals for what you can accomplish each day in terms […]

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A mother in the northeast wrote to me recently lamenting the fact that she and her son were growing apart due to his involvement in football and her genuine lack of knowledge about the sport. She was seeking advice on regaining the level of closeness that she and her son had once enjoyed. Learn more about the game so you […]

Don’t ask why–but if a child’s not interested in dinosaurs, you should consider calling the emergency room. Among the new books with dinosaurs, look at the low price Dinosaur Travel: A Guide for Families on the Go, by the skilled writer and artist team Laurie Krasny Brown and Marc Brown (Little Brown, paperback, $5.95, ages 6 to 8.). In full […]

Fluoride, when added to community water supplies, is the most effective public health measure for preventing tooth decay, according to the American Dental Association. Fluoridation of water is safe, only costs the community about 50 cents a person a year, helps persons of all ages and prevents cavities. Fluoride in toothpastes and rinses helps, too. Not all communities have fluoridated […]

Communication among family members can usually be improved if we truly make the effort to understand each other’s personality. One type of person that is often misunderstood is the introvert. The introvert is drained of energy by relating or talking to people, and needs time to be alone or quiet to recharge. Introverts also need their own space, and need […]

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Plain wooden blocks may be one of the best learning tools for a young child three to seven. their simplicity lends themselves very well to a multiplicity of uses. A child can use wooden blocks to make houses, cars, castles, ranches, robots, or anything else his imagination may dictate. World famous architect Frank Lloyd Wright once said it was his […]