Toddlers exist on a seesaw, with dependent babyhood at one end and independent childhood at the other. Neither is just right, because he’s neither a baby or a child. As a parent of a two year old, you have to sit in the middle and keep the balance. Baby him, and he’ll fight for independence, push him on, and he’ll […]

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Your baby’s first smiles are for anyone, but a month or two later, his smiliest smiles are just for you, and he’s starting the first and most important love affair of his life, a love that will keep on building to give him the foundation for all the later loving of his life. Every baby needs at least one warm, […]

Conventional crawling means progressing across the floor on hands and knees, but babies aren’t concerned with convention — only with getting across the room to see something on the far side! Crawling can mean different kinds of progress. Some babies never really crawl at all – they develop rolling over to a point where they can get about with “lightning […]

Your baby doesn’t know what time it is, so it’s up to you to decide where to draw the line between night and day. If your baby sleeps soundly for five or six hours, and wakes at five, he’ll certainly be hungry, thirsty and soaking wet. He won’t go back to sleep without a feeding and a dry diaper, but […]

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There is no specific medicine for colic so don’t run through over-the-counter remedies. Only give medicine your pediatrician prescribes. Nothing you can do for your baby will end a colic attack until it is ready to let up anyway, but everything you do will help a little bit, and that means you’ll be busy trying everything you can think of! […]

Broken nights and too little sleep are parents’ most common complaint. I am going to deal with some of the ways you might be able to prevent nighttime from becoming problem time in your household. The times at which we fall asleep and wake again have a lot to do with habit. Staying up late means staying up past our […]

Milk is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, so if even a few get into your baby’s milk, they can multiply rapidly. That is why you need to be so much more fussy about the hygiene of your baby’s bottles than the hygiene of anything else she puts into her mouth, like her hands or toys. There may be bacteria […]

Everybody wakes in the night, as part of the normal cycles of deep and light sleep. Babies wake more than adults because they have more light sleep periods, and they can’t resettle themselves as we do. As your baby grows older, she’ll wake less but there’s nothing you or she can do to prevent awakenings. Peaceful nights don’t depend on […]

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If a baby or child is to sleep happily alone, she obviously has to regard bed as a nice place to be. Bear that in mind from her earliest months and don’t ever leave her crying and trapped in her crib. There’s no better way to make her feel it’s a prison. As she gets older, there are all kinds […]

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