Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013 This game, featuring Sofia the First, really connected with little girls especially those that are fans of the Disney Channel show. The object of the game is to collect charms so if your daughter loves sparkly jewelry you can pretty much count on it being a hit. The directions are well written, clear and […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013 Games that encourage children to get up and move, search for treasure and be rewarded with gold doubloons are striking all the right chords when it comes to appeal, value and replayability. Since there aren’t that many games that do all that, it is the recommendation of TNPC’s parent testers that you go out […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013 Some companies know their niche, they have carved it out and with each passing year they perfect their craft further so that they don’t just stand out, they stand alone. Rock ‘N Learn holds that distinction when it comes to educational, musical based learning on DVD. No matter the subject these guys make it […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013 There’s so much to do in this fun, free app which is ideal for iPads. There are over 40 different pictures to color, each one unique, interesting and delightful. The interface is so easy to use that kids were able to get right down to it in no time. The virtual paint set includes […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013 LEARN MORE ABOUT Magic StrawsCLICK THE PICTURE This clever and innovative product is actually a remake of the original which faded away years ago. The sequel is a fresh take on the idea of packing flavor pellets (chocolate and strawberry) inside a straw to transform boring old milk into a sweet flavored treat by […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013 If you have kids and you have an iPad you are going to want to check this out. A book app that allows you and your child to be part of the story experience by incorporating your own photos into illustrated online books. How fun is that? It is very easy to get started. […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013 This website is full of fun, surprises and learning. The key feature here is the ability to insert an uploaded picture of your child to the site so that it is then inserted on the body of numerous characters who are then used in stories, pictures and videos. The graphics are bright and colorful […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013 Parents saw this lanyard maker and wistfully recalled days at camp. For many, lanyards were first introduced during arts & crafts time. Choose Friendship has added a great new twist to the lanyard making experience. There is a solid base that not only stores all the materials needed but it also serves as an […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013 LEARN MORE ABOUT Periodic Quest: Basic Card GamesCLICK THE PICTURE Looking for a great way to inject some actual educational information under the guise of a game? You have come to the right review. Why not play a game of Atomic Rummy where you use combinations of like elements or radioactive elemental cards instead […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013 Ah, the milestones of childhood, the first tooth, the first steps and the first Lego set. Parents were almost as excited as their kids when they saw the box, thrilled to be able to introduce their children to the wonder and joy of building. The extra large pieces, a Duplo staple, are big enough […]