Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2009 One of the best children’s music CD’s you will find, parents and children alike raved about the awesome music that is both catchy and current. The words to each and every song are filled with meaning and deliver truly important messages, but everyone is having so much fun singing and bopping along that those […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2009 Shutterfly continues to impress our testers with their superb online photo service and seemingly countless array of products that help turn our digital images into keepsakes to cherish and share. Their new series of books, that feature themes and pre-made template pages, are just another example of their understanding of the marketplace, in this […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2010 When you are in the market for a car seat the number one factor in making a decision is how safe it will keep your child, especially in case of an accident. The Radian XSL met all those requirements, impressing our testers as a durable, safe car seat that they would use for years. […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2004 The Gear, Gears, Gears line of colorfully spinning toys has consistently drawn raves from testers across the country. The interactive system of large interlocking gears that spin in frenetic harmony when powered on, has a new design and as usual our testers couldn’t say enough. Whereas other Gears toys have remained stationary (apart from […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2004 You’ve got to be quick with your mind and your reflexes to score big in Factor Frenzy, a game that manages to make math fun. Any parent will tell you that this is no small feat, which must be why they responded with enthusiastic reviews of this game from the folks at Learning Resources. […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2004 Could it be that Whack-A-Mole has met its educational equal? Learning Resources must think so since they clearly borrowed a key element of the arcade game’s enduring success. There is no denying the carry-over appeal of using a soft rubber mallet to pound out answers to math questions. Kids were lined up, eager to […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2004 There may be no greater thrill than building your own racing vehicle from scratch and then stepping back for the first time, remote control firmly in hand, and hitting the power button that sends it racing off along the floor. The visual alone, of wildly spinning gears and wheels taking off over your living […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2004 Who would have thought, in this age of ultra-real, 3D video games that the ancient games of our youth would still hold any interest for kids? Certainly not us. That is until we plugged in this self-contained video game system. Whereas, we had to feed quarter after quarter into a huge machine in an […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2004 Now children who are yet to enter kindergarten can have fun with video games. While some parents may not see that as a good thing, many of our testers who actually watched their kids play with a variety of fun, non-confrontational games thought that this was in fact a thing they would like to […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2004 The Wiggles of children’s TV fame has developed a solid following of young fans who thrill to their upbeat mix of music and humor. Now your Wiggles fan can join in on the fun with their very own Wiggling Dancing Guitar. Not only does it play an assortment of tunes and songs when your […]