Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 The old adage that good things come in small packages holds true with the Twinkle Top Treehouse. The small package really does belie the creative and imaginative fun that lies inside. The 3D house is built with colorful foam pieces. Remarkably, again for such a small package, there are 274 pieces in this set. […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Tiggly Stamp and its companion Tiggly Safari are marvelous examples of what app developers can do when they think outside the box. Tiggly Stamp involves creating seasonally themed scenes, with four basic shapes that magically help users form more than 80 animals, fruits and objects. You simply tap one of the colorful plastic shapes […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Having children physically interact with apps on the iPad using physical objects is both novel and exciting. With Tiggly Safari children are given four shaped objects with magical properties. Or at least that’s how our testers saw them. When prompted, children grab one of four colorful, plastic shapes (circles, squares, triangles and stars) and […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 The last time we reviewed The Presidential we were in the midst of a heated presidential election. Now we are in an off year and you might expect the interest or appreciation of a game focused on the quadrennial presidential contest to wane. Not so. Maybe it’s the overcharged media who clearly can’t wait […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Sometimes even Moms have to admit that gross is OK. That was the big concession of this testing period. When put into the hands of SmartLab, Mom’s realize there is an opportunity for some real learning and they can look the other way when their kids present a beaker full of snot. The instruction […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Until parents saw this great new product from GUND we never really knew the constant state of terror most Moms live in when it comes to washing and cleaning their children’s stuffed animals. The responsibility of not damaging their child’s most precious belonging brought some of the strongest of women to their knees. Never […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Duct tape once again had proven that is one of the most versatile products ever created. Got a leak? Want to make jewelry? Looking for a great craft for the kids? The answer to all is: Grab the Duct Tape! ALEX has found yet another remarkable use for good ol’ DT, replacing markers and […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Switch and Go’s have a certain magic appeal for young boys. Being able to transform a vehicle into an animal and then back again was described again and again by young testers as “Awesome”. Parents were very impressed with the quality digital images that are displayed on the LCD screen for both the dinosaur’s […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 If your child enjoys the magic of Shrinky Dinks and likes making jewelry, then this is a craft kit that was made for them. The Sweet Treats Jewelry set is essentially a Shrinky Dink activity that also combines a jewelry stand for girls to display all of the different jewelry they’ve made. Everything is […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 This DVD collection of songs for children is perfectly produced to connect with its target audience. Testers appreciated the nice variety of songs; from typical nursery rhymes like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star to the Alphabet Song and Days of the Week. Each song has its own characters with good singing voices and each track […]