Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Collecting intelligence is one of the most basic and crucial parts of the spy game. Whether it’s listening in on plans to expand a terrorist network or listening in on your big sister’s phone calls, there is important work to be done! The Spike Mic is shot from the launcher and with the help […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Distractions and diversions are part and parcel of the spy game. Being able to get yourself into places “behind enemy lines” requires cunning and guile. Spin Master appreciates the challenges that junior spies face and, not unlike James Bond’s Q, has devised a solution, When you need the enemy to be distracted or look […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Spy gear is just so darn cool! Assuming the persona of James Bond or Sidney Bristow with all their super cool gadgets and gizmos is the kind of imagination play that pre-teens love and parents appreciate. The Panosphere is an awesome spy camera that actually records 360-degree video of whatever room your spy places […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 We’re not sure when it became official but is there any doubt that Skylanders is a mega-hit of mega-proportions? The frenzy to play with this newest version of the wildly popular game in our testing centers was intense. The popularity is clearly off the charts but more importantly, after spending time with the game, […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Testers described Show Me The Kwan as a really clever mash up of Boggle and Trivial Pursuit. As familiar as you might be with those games, you are in for a whole bunch of new twists, turns and fun. Roll out the dice to reveal an assortment of random letters, think of an answer […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 This new LeapPad game is chock full of so many educational lessons, all centered on the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) teaching system used in many schools. While playing with their favorite Sesame Street characters, kids are learning problem solving, levers and weights, weight and balance, engineering, magnetic forces, and more (if you […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Sometimes the name of a game indicates what you will find inside. If that fails, at least the box will give it away. But not so with Rumble Pie – which is why it’s great that you are reading this review. If you like discovering inventive new games Rumble Pie might fit your bill. […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 LEARN MORE ABOUT Rhyming, Sight Words, Initial Consonants Wipe-Off BingoCLICK THE PICTURE Parents loved this small simple game that can be used in so many ways. This twist on traditional letters/numbers bingo was seen as a great educational tool to reinforce their children’s learning of sight words, rhyming, beginning reading and spelling, vocabulary, and […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 Scout is an adorable plush puppy that will become one of your child’s best friends. His sweet visual appeal is undeniably infectious but, as you might expect when dealing with LeapFrog, there is a whole lot more going on inside. If you were to guess that there is an interactive, fun and educational experience […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 There are all kinds of environments as the theme or centerpiece of play sets. Over the years we were pretty sure we had seen them all, until now. PopStars! Stage uses a big colorful stage as the backdrop of this toy. The set comes with 4 pop star figures, each in different poses. Children […]