Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014 LEARN MORE ABOUT PLAY-DOH Hands on Learning: In the JungleCLICK THE PICTURE Following a story and then giving children the ability to create the characters illustrated in the book with PLAY-DOH is the basis for this wonderful new project kit. A terrific marriage of literature and craft, this book features thick, coated pages that […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014 LEARN MORE ABOUT PaddlePakCLICK THE PICTURE These adorably designed backpacks for preschool aged children were instant hits with kids who loved their bright, bold, colorful designs. Strong, yet lightweight, it is a breeze to open and close for packing up, whether for school or a trip to the beach. Which brings us to the […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014 As parents we may find ourselves in some odd places when changing baby’s diaper. For those times you want to ensure that your baby is lying down on a clean surface, which is exactly what this changing cover provides. Made of lightweight, durable material it spreads out nice and wide to ensure complete coverage. […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014 OgoBILD is an open-ended creature building kit that offers children limitless options, especially when you spring for all the different sets. The pieces are strong and connect together well allowing your child to create creatures and them stand them up for all to admire. The pieces are movable allowing kids to bend them in […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014 Crayola hit a home run with this one. If you have a young girl at home who loves playing with fashion and apparel, then you need to put this at the top of your gift list. You might remember Fashion Plates from your youth; now imagine that toy in the 21st Century. Your child […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014 LEARN MORE ABOUT My Job Chart CLICK THE PICTURE MyJob Chart is a great way to teach your kids responsibility. It is a FREE website that you can customize very easily for your home and family to schedule chores for your kids no matter their ages. It gives you the option to print out […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014 This is a great, simple, and yet unique craft kit for preschoolers. This no-tech, back-to-basics felt activity kit relies of creativity and imagination to build self-confidence. Children learn about shapes and colors while working their fine motor skills. The kit comes with a number of felt shapes so there is not cutting required. The […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014 Manipulative toys for young children 1 1/2 and up are so essential at this stage of their development and My Busy Barn is loaded with enough activities to keep them entertained and focused. Everything is made of wood and the quality of construction is top notch. Parents noted how strong and smooth each element […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014 Parents and children absolutely flipped over My Awesome Book. This make-your-own book kit comes with everything needed for children to make their own, individual, unique book. The package comes with everything needed to get you started including 20 book pages, markers, helpful instructions, a prepaid envelope, and a great ‘Quick Start Guide’ that is […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014 What an ingenious idea. It makes so much sense but it took until 2014 for our testers to discover the brilliance of the Mixie Baby Bottle. Going out and about with a baby who drinks formula has never been easier. The Mixie bottles are convenient and remarkably easy to use. You simply scoop the […]