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Bottle fed babies don’t need solids until four months of age and breast fed babies are fine until six months. Introducing strained foods earlier just makes feeding more complicated without helping your baby in any way.

• Between four and eight months of age introduce your baby to most of the strained foods and cereals. The order is really not very important. I like to begin with the fruits, such as bananas, so that your baby quickly builds a positive association with the spoon. Others start with rice cereal. Meat is introduced last because your baby already receives plenty of protein in milk.

• By eight months of age introduce your baby to junior foods, which are a little thicker than strained foods. These require some chewing.

• By ten months introduce finger foods, which your baby will love.

• By twelve months of age, your baby should be eating the same meals as you do, except for the fact that table foods must be carefully chopped up so they’re easy to chew.

In summary, your goal is to have your baby on your diet by his first birthday.

During Dr. Schmitt’s 20 years as a medical practitioner and researcher, he has published over 100 articles or chapters on pediatric health care, and has been awarded the distinguished C. Anderson Aldrich Award by the American Academy of Pediatrics for outstanding contributions to the field of child development. Schmitt has also authored five books including Your Child’s Health, which won Child Magazine’s first Hall of Fame Award in 1991. Schmitt is also a professor of Pediatrics at the University of Colorado School of Medicine and on staff at The Children’s Hospital in Denver, Colorado.


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