Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2014
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2014

You have probably seen dog owners playing with those tennis ball launchers at the park or elsewhere. Welcome to the human version. Using foam balls to lessen the chance for injury or breakage, the Aero Zipp gives you the cool feeling of superhuman throwing strength. Imagine you are Peyton Manning! The two-pack of “launchers” are well designed, durable and come ready to use right out of the box. You’ll want to find a place with plenty of room like a big park or the beach because these balls really fly. Your launcher is not a catcher so when you are on the receiving end you’ll want to revert to the old-fashioned method of using your hands. Eye-hand coordination and fun, active play is what Aero Zipp is all about. Parents thought the workout kids get was well worth the investment.

Recommended Age: 6 and Up

Price: $35.00


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