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I’ll bet you used a bedtime routine or ritual to help your baby get to sleep, a cuddle in a rocking chair, a lullaby, perhaps a gentle back rub. Well don’t give up this lovely practice just because you think your child has outgrown it. Just a few minutes together every night can give you and your child the best quality time of all.

• Read, of course, even when kids are old enough to read to themselves. A nightly chapter of a long and interesting book is a favorite bedtime routine for my own kids. Or sometimes, listen together to a record or tape or some good music.

• Insure sweet dreams by decorating a jar or box and filling it with slips of paper on which you and the kids have written every good dream you can think of. The kids can draw a slip from the “dream jar” every night.

• Talk over the day’s events; here’s a great chance to compliment your child on a special accomplishment or a quality you admire.

• Let older kids take on some of the routines for younger ones; they can lead the bedtime parade and read the bedtime story too. And remember, even preteens like a good bedtime snuggle in your bed or theirs.

Vicki Lansky’s practical, common sense approach to parenting is familiar to millions throughout the world. Vicki’s first book, Feed Me, I’m Yours, published in 1974, and still one of the most popular baby/toddler food cookbooks in the country, was followed by The Taming of the C.A.N.D.Y. Monster, a #1 New York Times bestseller. Her other titles include: Toilet Training, Birthday Parties Best Party Tips & Ideas For Ages 1-8, Dear Babysitter Handbook, Welcoming Your Second Baby, Getting Your Child to Sleep … and Back to Sleep, Trouble-free Travel with Children, Baby Proofing Basics and Games Babies Play From Birth to Twelve Months, Koko Bear’s New Potty, A New Baby at Koko Bear’s House, Koko Bear and the New Babysitter, and Koko Bear’s Big Earache. Vicki Lansky’s Divorce Book for Parents: Helping Children Cope with Divorce and Its Aftermath


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