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If you have decided against breast feeding, don’t worry. Don’t feel guilty. As long as you have discussed bottle feeding with your pediatrician and follow his/her instructions, your baby should do well.

There are some advantages to formula feeding:

• Breast feeding can be tiring. With bottles, anyone
can feed your baby while you rest, or while you are
at work.
• Bottle feeding also gives you more freedom. If you
bottle feed, you should not have to worry about cracked
nipples or milk leakage.
• Your caloric intake doesn’t need to be as high as when
you nurse.

Even though there are some advantages to bottle feeding, most doctors still strongly recommend breast feeding. The advantages of nursing outweigh the problems involved.

This is a time of great joy and excitement. Whether you breast or bottle feed is not as crucial as is having a supporting, loving partner who will be involved in your baby’s care.

Peter Weiss is a Beverly Hills-based obstetrician/gynecologist and leading advocate for mother’s-to-be. A member of the Royal Society of Medicine and an assictant clinical professor at the UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Weiss’ writing have appeared in numerous parenting publications nationwide.


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