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Breast milk is the ideal food for a baby from both the nutritional and psychological points of view. It also gives some protective immunities to the baby, and especially against some gastrointestinal infections. Therefore, I would strongly encourage all mothers to try to breast feeding. Those new mothers who choose not to, or can’t breast feed for one reason or another, should not feel guilty about it. We are fortunate that the present day infant formulas are almost identical to breast milk in their nutrient mix, and so infants fed formula do fine. If you decide to stop breast feeding before your baby is one year old, I would advise that you switch to infant’s formula rather than to regular cow’s milk. Regular milk has much more salt and protein in it than breast milk or formula and this can put an added strain on your infant’s kidneys.

Dr. Alvin Eden is chairman of the department of pediatrics at Wyckoff Heights Hospital in Brooklyn and associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Cornell University Medical Center. Dr. Eden has authored several books including “Positive Parenting” and “Healthy Kids”.


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