Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2007 For lots of girls, the dream of owning a horse will remain just that, a dream. That’s why its nice to know that a new computer program can simulate an experience where children can own and run their own horses and horse farm. As children take care of the horses in their stable they […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2007 Teaching kids that money doesn’t grow on trees is one thing, teaching them how to manage, build and grow their own funds is something different altogether. Along comes KidsSave, a downloadable program that places that control in their hands. Kids are given tools to track and watch where their money comes (allowance, gifts, etc.) […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2007 Whatever we write in this space will never convey the passionate enthusiasm our testers had for this marvelous computer software for very young children. Instead we’ll just give you some direct quotes and phrases. Giggles is great!….Incredibly Fun….My child laughed harder than I have ever seen….Far better than any DVD….The music choices are spot-on […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2007 If there is another game out there as fun, challenging or addictive as Crazy Machines then we haven’t seen it and neither have our testers. For those of you familiar with Rube Goldberg contraptions you’ll remember that his creations took whatever path and used whatever means necessary to reach a stated goal. The same […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2007 There is something delightfully retro and yet refreshing about Gary Gadget. In this era of video games that feature pedal to the metal graphics, this game lets the game play speak for itself and according to our testers it really hits the mark. Children are given the task of creating cars from all kinds […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2007 When we discover educational software that is perfectly suited to the curriculum of its target audience we stand up and take notice. With Jump Start World our testers discovered an engaging and educational title that lives up to its billing. The Jump Start line has had a long history of upbeat reviews but this […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2006 Making math fun is what the long running Math Blaster series is all about. For kids, playing video games that just happen to have number problems as the hurdle they must overcome to get to the next level is a no-brainer, it beats the heck out of doing it on paper. Updated with new […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2006 When an educational software title garners reviews with words like fun, interesting, enlightening and desirable, we take notice. What made the reaction noteworthy was the fact that Playing Music is not a particularly cutting edge software title. It is not filled with eye-popping animation and any cutting edge technology. What it does do is […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2006 Viva Media has a great software title on their hands, despite the fact that they really need to redo their box art. Having a girl as the main character on the cover, and having that box covered in bright pink turned off boys who might otherwise really enjoy the experience. That said, there is […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2006 Just because there is upbeat music with a driving beat and a dance mat doesn’t mean that you can’t have spiritually uplifting lyrics that Christian teens and their parents can identify with. That is the key to Dance Praise and why, for its targeted demographic, it is a repeat winner in 2006. We have […]