Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2005 Whether it is the bath, the pool, the spa, or even the nursery, there is something comforting about knowing how hot or cold the water or air is. This is never truer than when you have a baby or young child. The MOBI digital thermometer makes it so easy to use and understand that […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2005 Air filtration systems are everywhere nowadays. Promising to clean the air of harmful irritants sounds like a good thing, after all, who wants irritants? But how do you know which systems work best? We will be the first to admit that we’re still unsure but we can tell you that the MOBY system impressed […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2005 We are surely in a wireless age. Time was that security monitors were only for mansions and the FBI. Now anyone can keep an eye on their baby as they sleep or the children as they play and you don’t have to be hunkered down by a bank of monitors. In fact, with the […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2004 As much as we appreciate the advent of our interconnected, online world, there are drawbacks to the amount of time our children spend glued to their computer screens. Many parents feel that their kids are not disciplined enough to regulate their own surfing habits and find themselves overdoing it. WebGuard gives parents password protected […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2004 This wonderfully designed video game console for your young child is one of the most eye catching products we saw this testing period. V.Smile is designed to entertain and introduce children to a variety of fun and educational games. The system has interchangeable cartridges with such favorites as Winnie the Pooh and Lion King. […]