Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015 This vibrant, eye-catching package holds within it the chalk that can bring a new level of sidewalk art to your home. Inside our testers found neon colored chalk, multi-colored chalk sticks and chalk with special effects/patterns. Gender neutral, the Mega Pack promotes outdoor play that sparks imagination, creativity, artistic expression and thought-provoking ideas. It […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015 This doll bike seat attachment allows girls to have their dolls ride with them on their bikes. While parents attached the seat to the bike, excited girls gathered their dolls to determine who would get the first ride. The decision had to be made quickly since the connection onto the bike is very easy. […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015 A portable volleyball AND badminton set that can be taken just about anywhere was an exciting concept for testers, and that was even before they got a chance to try it out. What they found was that this combo playset was exceptionally easy to set up and take down. Inside the case they found […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015 LEARN MORE ABOUT Jungle JumparooCLICK THE PICTURE Testers have told us that when starting the assembly of something as big as Jungle Jumparoo there is always the concern that the building process will be overly complicated with missing pieces, etc. Not the case with Jungle Jumparoo. Testers had high praise for the ease with […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015 If you have ever played paddle ball or Kadima the idea behind Hit Mit will resonate immediately. The game comes with two paddles and three balls (kudos to the makers for providing extras) and a very handy and appreciated mesh bag for keeping everything together. The Mits are one-size-fits-all and are made of high […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015 Water play is the stuff of childhood summers and Little Tikes has created a water play station that proved to be a favorite with our testers. The table is a perfect height for toddlers and delivered endless hours of laughs and entertainment as everyone enjoyed watching the water splash in all sorts of ways. […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015 LEARN MORE ABOUT E-Z Grip BallCLICK THE PICTURE Sometimes a ball is just a ball, but then there are times when it is so much more. The E-Z Grip Ball is an example of how awesome a playground ball can be. Testers were unanimous in their opinion that this ball goes above and beyond […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015 Disc Golf is a great multi-generational game that is fun to play and can be quite a challenge to master. Franklin Sports has brought the game, which is often found as a permanent installation in parks, to your home. Easy to carry and set-up, you can play this just about anywhere. It is perfect […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015 LEARN MORE ABOUT Crush-It! BatCLICK THE PICTURE We need to start this review by stating that the Crush-It! Bat is one of the coolest looking pieces of sporting equipment we have even seen in our testing centers. The bright, almost neon colored strings that form the barrel of the bat are quite eye-catching. Beyond […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2015 For anyone who is a baseball fan, has ever played baseball or has ever seen a baseball bat, your first impression of Batapult is probably going to be disoriented or freaked out or any number of other emotions that happen when you see something so entirely different. You see, the Batapult has a hinge […]