Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013 A combination of tightrope and balance beam, this Slackline wowed testers. The set comes with all the materials you need to set up your own line in short order. The instructions and the materials received very high marks from testers for being well made, strong and quite durable. When first starting out you can […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2013 LEARN MORE ABOUT SkyTrixCLICK THE PICTURE SkyTrix is a kid-powered glider that uses a unique method for launching and flying. It glides like a plane, floats on the air like a kite, and uses an attached lanyard so you can build up the SkyTrix momentum giving you the ability to fling it like a […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2013 For kids who love to play outdoors there is nothing worse than darkness. As the sun sets, it just ruins all the fun! Never fear, NERF has come to the rescue with a cool new way to extend fun, active play way past dusk. By donning NERF’s own Firevision frames, that aim a targeted […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2013 Testers discovered and proclaimed Paddle Tether Ball to be a great new game/sport for children of all ages. Providing hours of fun and entertainment it also is a great way to promote hand-eye coordination and balance. The set comes complete with everything you need and is very easy to assemble (and take apart). There […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2013 Copter darts are a lightweight, winged version of lawn darts but without the long metal spear at the end. This is a family oriented outdoor activity set that our testers felt would be perfect for the backyard, picnics at the park, etc. Anyone who has played or seen the game of bocce or horseshoes […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2013 Volo is a lightweight throwing toy that children really enjoyed playing with in the pool, at the park or the beach. It isn’t specifically designed for a game of catch (though it certainly can be), since Volo, unlike most items that you throw (balls or Frisbees), can actually be played with and enjoyed on […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2013 Crazy cool, wildly innovative, Waboba Balls will be bouncing and skipping on pools and lakes everywhere. Yes we said ON. These remarkable balls are designed to skip like the perfect skimming stone across the water. But Waboba turns the whole rock skimming thing further upside down because no longer is skipping objects across the […]

Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2012 Our testers get to test lots of cool stuff each testing period but this took the prize. We all know Nerf balls and Nerf products but you haven’t seen anything like this before. The Firevision package comes with two headwear pieces, they look like goggles at first but they are not. Nothing covers the […]

Seal of Approval Winner Fall 2012 OK, here’s the deal, when parents first saw RingStix they were taken aback, after all they look like swords. Really? You want us to test toy swords? Not even close. This is without a doubt one of the most unique toss and catch toys we have ever seen. With a “sword” in each hand […]

Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2012 When the sun slips behind the hills and the sounds of the night begin to come to life, the call of the wild pulls many young adventurers to explore the wonders of nature in the gathering dusk. These shoe top lights strap on and will illuminate the path no matter where it may lead. […]