Is your teenager depressed? The symptoms may be harder to spot than obvious blues. The following are some of the signs of teenage depression, and are most significant when they occur in combination and over a period lasting more than two weeks. • First, sadness, anxiety and hopelessness. • Second, lack of interest in food or compulsive overeating with resulting […]

The cold is a viral infection of the nose and throat. It usually passes in three or four day unless your child develops a complication. Call your child’s doctor if any of the following happens. • First, the eyelids develop a yellow drainage or are stuck together after a nap. This means your child needs some antibiotic eyedrops. • Second, […]

Adults often ask me, “What question do you hear most from teens?” The most frequent concern that teens have, and the one most often voiced by patients, and in letters from readers of our books is, “Am I normal?” This question can be asked in many different ways. One teen might say, “I’m fourteen, but I look about ten, and […]

The prospect for seeking professional help from a family counselor, a psychologist, or psychiatrist can be a painful one. But your teen or your family may need professional help in the following instances: • One, if you’re caught up in hurtful patterns of behavior that create and perpetuate tension within the family. • Two, if your teen shows signs of […]

So your child has expressed an interest in riding a bike. Now what do you do? Well first you need to find a suitable bicycle. If you do buy a bike, take your son with you to the bicycle shop and get expert advice to be sure the bike fits him. Don’t get a bike that is too big so […]

Parents who really believe that spanking is the only way to discipline usually continue to do it, no matter how many family counselors or parenting specialists advise against it. Parents who are unsure about ways to discipline, but who are open to learning other ways to guide or discipline their children, DO usually try other options, and find that they […]

First of all, let em state that I don’t believe that chronological age should be the determining factor in these decisions. It’s very normal for young teens to be paying lots of attention to their hair and appearance. The reasons you should or shouldn’t let your daughter highlight her hair should be based on other considerations. Here are some things […]

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One of the most difficult times we face as parents is when our children enter their teen years. There are many reasons why our children seem quiet, rebellious or changed and sometimes understanding what it is they are going through helps us to deal with it. In the middle teen years, teens often make broad generalizations based on their somewhat […]

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How does a parent keep a child from breaking the rules? Obviously, it is not always easy. Some form of effective punishment is essential to letting your teens know what you will and will not accept from them. One punishment tool that is used a lot is grounding. I feel that grounding does not usually work, especially when it is […]

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If you are thinking about talking to your child about sex, but are looking for some support material to read first, here are a few suggestions. One very new book is called “Keys to Your Child’s Healthy Sexuality,“ by Dr. Chrystal de Freitas, which is written for parents. (Barrons; 6.95) Another good source of information is you family doctor’s office. […]

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