So your child has expressed an interest in riding a bike. Now what do you do? Well first you need to find a suitable bicycle. If you do buy a bike, take your son with you to the bicycle shop and get expert advice to be sure the bike fits him. Don’t get a bike that is too big so […]

Busy, overloaded days often make us unaware that family communication is suffering. Congratulations to those parents who take notice and want to improve the situation. However maybe it is more the “what” than the “how” that’s the problem. For example, if you ask parents to list what they talk with their school aged children or adolescents on a given day, […]

Inhalants are a group of volatile (breathable) substances abused by sniffing/inhaling. These are legal substances, most of which are found in everyday household products; not normally thought of as drugs, they have drug-like effects on users. Regulation for misuse is difficult, and the best prevention is educating children about the lethal effects of misuse. Inhalants are most often abused by […]

Sometimes teens would rather hear us talk less. We need to show that we care with our eyes, touch and body language. Sometimes a hug or an arm around the shoulders will help a teen feel he or she can tell you what is on his or her mind. Today’s teens have a lot more to worry about than we […]

Q: Our sons are 17 and 18, one in high school and one in college. This year they want to go to Florida or the Bahamas on spring break and they are asking us for the money. They would drive down with friends but they don’t know where they will be staying; it depends on how much money they can […]

Q: Last year a friend of mine committed suicide. I can’t forget it and keep feeling I could have done something to prevent it. I know I get depressed sometimes, but I can snap out of it. I guess many other teens can’t. I read that 5,000 commit suicide each year and that it is the leading cause of death […]

There has been considerable controversy over school-based Project 10 counseling services in the past few years. Started by Virginia Uribe at Fairfax High School in Los Angeles, the Project 10 model is now being used at high schools across the nation to give counseling and emotional support to students who know or feel that they might be gay and/or who […]

Many parents feel that talking with their teens about birth control will either give the teens ideas, or communicate parental permission to have sex. However, teens do have ideas about sex, and some actually have sex without either birth control information or our knowledge or permission. And, you, as a parent, can give birth control information without giving your teen […]

What are some good reasons for your teenager to say no to sex? You might tell him or her: 1. “Hold off if you don’t know each other well.” The best sexual sharing comes with someone you know and trust. Why do it with someone who isn’t special to you? 2. “The risk of sexually transmitted diseases is a very […]

If you’re expecting a baby, you might think you’ve prepared your family adequately for the big event, but wait – have you prepared your pet? Don’t laugh; it’s important if you want your dog or cat and the baby to become good friends, Here’s what a nationally recognized animal trainer suggests: • Be sure your pet is well trained and […]