How can you best discipline a strong willed teenager? The following are a few parent-tested guidelines. • First, give clear messages about household rules and limitations. Let them know what behavior is acceptable and what isn’t. • Second, accent the positive. “Do’s” make a stronger impression than “Don’ts”. • Third, give your teen increasing responsibilities for his choices and actions. […]

Creating happy memories as a family can be rich reserve of good will to draw on during stressful times. These don’t have to mean peak experiences – they can be simple moments, family traditions and activities you enjoy together. Creating happy memories can mean doing something alone with your teen, going to a concert or out to lunch. It may […]

Some people, especially teens, think sex and intimacy are the same, but that’s not so. Some have sex without emotional intimacy. Others have intimate relationships that don’t include sex. Still others are able to build a lovely combination of emotional and physical intimacy. Let your teen know that intimacy, above all, means feeling safe in a relationship. It means honest […]

Besides physiological facts and pertinent warnings about sexually transmitted diseases, there are five important, and all too often overlooked, facts that teens need to know about sex. This is what you might tell your teenager: • First, sex is an acquired skill. People expect miracles when they first have sex, not realizing that people need time and experience and patience […]

What can you tell your teen about saying no to sex? You might give him the following reasons to abstain: • First, abstain from sex if you don’t know anything about birth control or if you’re too embarrassed to seek or use birth control. Until you can learn about and have the emotional maturity to seek a reliable method of […]

Telling your teen to “just say no” to sex may not be nearly as effective as helping him or her find their own best reasons for saying no. You might say to your teen: • First, say no if you don’t feel ready. Feeling ready, instead of pressured, can make sex, when you finally choose to engage in it, much […]

A wonderful book that will answer all your travel questions, help you pre plan and pack, and make you feel secure is Vicki Lansky`s book, “Trouble Free Travel with Children,“ (Book Peddlers, 6.95) Try your book store, or call Book Peddlers at 1-800-255-3379 and explain why you need it post haste. This book covers all types of travel, gives an […]

A mother in the northeast wrote to me recently lamenting the fact that she and her son were growing apart due to his involvement in football and her genuine lack of knowledge about the sport. She was seeking advice on regaining the level of closeness that she and her son had once enjoyed. Learn more about the game so you […]

Children are like emotional sponges. They will pick up on your tension and anxiety, even if you say nothing. In many cases this can cause more stress than would the truth, because they may imagine far bigger problems than you have, or may think they are the cause of the tension. Many parents feel uncomfortable talking with their children about […]

Why is it so important that your unborn baby be active? You should begin to feel some fetal movement as early as 16 weeks pregnant. The exact timing will vary depending on the individual. When the baby becomes viable then your perception of the quality of the fetal movement becomes very important. This is your baby’s way of talking to […]