Questions a teen needs to ask herself before even thinking of having a baby include: 1. “What can I give my baby?” Most of us want the very best for our children: unconditional love, a fair amount of economic security, freedom from hunger, and ideally, the loving support of two parents are some important basics. Parenthood can be tough, and […]

You’ll want to encourage your child’s effort at self dressing, even though it will take a good deal more time at first and cause some frustration for you and your child. If you can’t help resisting, busy yourself elsewhere, close enough to give assistance, but leaving your child to handle it all alone. • You can make button handling easier […]

Car pooling is an economical and timesaving way to get children to all the places they have to go. Each Fall, it’s wise to organize a new car pool carefully, drawing up schedules for driving, and making arrangements for substitutes when necessary. Safety should always be emphasized. A good car pool doesn’t include more children than there are seat belts. […]

One way to help everyone in the house to get a good night sleep is simply take your baby into your bed. Some parents choose this as their regular routine; others use it only when a child is wakeful. They either let the child spend the rest of the night in their bed or they return the child to his […]

I’ll bet you used a bedtime routine or ritual to help your baby get to sleep, a cuddle in a rocking chair, a lullaby, perhaps a gentle back rub. Well don’t give up this lovely practice just because you think your child has outgrown it. Just a few minutes together every night can give you and your child the best […]

This may be the first time you’re hiring someone, unless you’ve had personnel experience at work. It’s natural to be a little ill at ease at first, but keep in mind that the person being interviewed is nervous too. • Begin with small talk to get acquainted. In an initial phone call, introduce yourself, describe your child, and briefly state […]

During the first year of life, a baby goes through a series of stages of physical coordination that won’t be repeated. It is fascinating to watch this human development, this urge to be upright, to stand, to walk. It is a strong and exciting human urge that defies almost any attempt to stop it. • Physical development in infants in […]

Finding good places to eat with little ones can be difficult when traveling. You might even want to consider choosing a drive-in if you’re traveling with a very fussy baby. Or at least pick a noisy restaurant where you won’t be that noticed. • You can ask any restaurant to fill your thermos with hot water that you can mix […]

For children, the birthday cake really is the party. It’s usually best to stick with the tried and true for birthday cakes if you have no special dietary concerns. If you are making one from scratch that you haven’t made before, do a practice run a week or so before. But if you want to vary from the traditional cake, […]

If you asked child experts what’s the ideal family spacing between children, you will probably hear most frequently about three years. But if you ask parents, it’s going to be very hard to find a consensus. Susan Gates, a mother from Maine, says, “child expert Burton White doesn’t agree with us, but our children are fifteen months apart and they’re […]