We all know that children need verbal strokes or words for reward and encouragement, and for the most part we feel that we usually give it. What we fail to remember is that what we say is not always what is heard. To compensate for this, try to get in the habit of saying good things to your child more […]

Finding good places to eat with little ones can be difficult when traveling. Mexican and family style restaurants are usually good choices. • If you’re trying to save money, make breakfast the biggest meal of the day. It’s always less expensive than lunch or dinner. • Fast food restaurants may offer outdoor playgrounds and picnic tables. It’s not the best […]

For most parents, eating out usually means nearby and at fast food restaurants. Their speed is a blessing to parents with hungry children with short attention spans, but a nutritional balance is sometimes wanting. • These restaurants do supply ample protein accompanied by excess calories from frying the french fries and sugars in sodas and shakes, missing other nutrients of […]

Few memories stay with children longer than those of family vacations. You may remember little of the daily routine of your childhood, but you probably have clear memories of special outings and trips with your family. • Family camping can be wonderful, but I would suggest starting a practice run in your backyard. You can test all your equipment and […]

This may be the first time you’re hiring someone unless you’ve had personnel experience at work. It’s natural to be a little ill at ease at first, but keep in mind that the person being interviewed is nervous too. • Begin with small talk to get acquainted. In an initial phone call introduce yourself, briefly state your needs, and talk […]

Up until a few years ago, it was believed that the newborn possessed little, if any, awareness. However, recent infant research has confirmed that the newborn is an active, sensing, perceiving individual. Other clinical studies of adults, regressed to the birth state, suggest that for many of us, birth was a highly stressed, traumatic time that we’ve never really recovered […]

All young children are creative people. Nature seems to have endowed them with the ability to transform even the most commonplace circumstance into a novel event, full of joy and discovery. • One important task for any parent is to work to keep that creativity alive. You can do this best by nurturing your own creativity as a parent. When […]

Recent years have seen a massive increase in the amount of knowledge we possess about the human brain and learning. We now know that the gray matter making up the most visible portions of the brain controls many of the thinking processes used in school activities. However, several smaller structures found at a deeper level appear to be essential in […]

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays of all children. Help your child enjoy it. First, young children need you to buy or put together their costume. Try to get it ready in advance. If you attend one Halloween party or parade at school you’ll have more costume ideas that you can ever use. Second, let your child participate in […]

Don’t be afraid to say “no” to your child. Children need limits. If you don’t make the rules, your child will. Left to their own devices, most children will spoil themselves, so start rules to protect your sanity by four months of age. Have rules for safety by eight months of age. Gradually add rules to teach socially acceptable behavior, […]