During divorce, a preschooler’s fear of abandonment manifests itself in various forms of separation anxiety. When parents become separated, Pre-School often fear that any negative thought about a parent has come true. They think that they’re now being punished for a bad wish or angry thought. This type of magical thinking can even prevent children from asking why the divorce […]

There comes a time in every parent’s life when a child is angry, really angry at him or her. • Try to recall a similar situation you had with your own parents, and you’ll probably gain some understanding and insight. Then, allow your child to be angry. You might even say, “It’s okay for you to be angry with me. […]

Are you coping with fatigue from a new baby? Well, cut your expectations of yourself in half. The immaculate home, the gourmet meals, and the beautifully organized schedule that you’ve prided yourself on aren’t as important right now as taking care of your baby and yourself. • Use paper plates and take-out meals for a few weeks and don’t even […]

Habits that parents don’t like aren’t necessarily bad ones; most often they’re just annoying. If your child is hooked on a pacifier, and it bothers you, there are some things you can try. Remember that you can’t break a child’s habit, you can only help your child break it. • Try putting some pickle juice or something sour or bitter […]

During the first year of life, a baby goes through a series of stages of physical coordination that won’t be repeated. It is fascinating to watch this human development, this urge to be upright, to stand, to walk. It is a strong and exciting human urge that defies almost any attempt to stop it. • Physical development in infants in […]

Finding good places to eat with little ones can be difficult when traveling. You might even want to consider choosing a drive-in if you’re traveling with a very fussy baby. Or at least pick a noisy restaurant where you won’t be that noticed. • You can ask any restaurant to fill your thermos with hot water that you can mix […]

For children, the birthday cake really is the party. It’s usually best to stick with the tried and true for birthday cakes if you have no special dietary concerns. If you are making one from scratch that you haven’t made before, do a practice run a week or so before. But if you want to vary from the traditional cake, […]

Dressing a toddler on the run is an acquired skill. Front fasteners will be easier for you child and for you in the period when you must dress a child in motion. Choose clothes with zippers rather than buttons to make dressing easier. Distract a toddler who’s old enough to resist diapering by performing the task while he’s standing up, […]

If you asked child experts what’s the ideal family spacing between children, you will probably hear most frequently about three years. But if you ask parents, it’s going to be very hard to find a consensus. Susan Gates, a mother from Maine, says, “child expert Burton White doesn’t agree with us, but our children are fifteen months apart and they’re […]

We all know that children need verbal strokes or words for reward and encouragement, and for the most part we feel that we usually give it. What we fail to remember is that what we say is not always what is heard. To compensate for this, try to get in the habit of saying good things to your child more […]