It’s part of every parent’s nightmare: a teen daughter gets pregnant, your teenage son causes a pregnancy, or your teen tells you that he or she is gay. What can you do? First, contain your own feelings. Listening rather than lashing out can make a vital difference, not only in the resolution of the sexuality related crisis, but also in […]

Many parents feel that talking with their teens about birth control will either give the teens ideas, or communicate parental permission to have sex. However, teens do have ideas about sex, and some actually have sex without either birth control information or our knowledge or permission. And, you, as a parent, can give birth control information without giving your teen […]

What are some good reasons for your teenager to say no to sex? You might tell him or her: 1. “Hold off if you don’t know each other well.” The best sexual sharing comes with someone you know and trust. Why do it with someone who isn’t special to you? 2. “The risk of sexually transmitted diseases is a very […]

If you’re feeling middle-aged, tired, in a rut, and less fit than you used to be, it isn’t surprising that you might sometimes envy your teen’s physical beauty, strength, youth, and seemingly limitless life choices and opportunities. These feelings of envy are understandable, giving some of the losses of middle age. But ask yourself if, looking back, you’d really want […]

If you’re expecting a baby, you might think you’ve prepared your family adequately for the big event, but wait – have you prepared your pet? Don’t laugh; it’s important if you want your dog or cat and the baby to become good friends, Here’s what a nationally recognized animal trainer suggests: • Be sure your pet is well trained and […]

Adolescents aren’t necessarily better equipped to deal with divorce because of their age. Anger and uncertainty are normal reactions for these kids, although they may be more adept at hiding these feelings. • Adolescents are learning to separate from the family as a unit and their growth toward independence, and divorce poses additional conflicts for them in this area. Others […]

Adolescence represents one of the most difficult stages in human development. The teenager needs desperately to leave his childhood behind and enter fully into the world of adults — but often feels the pull of childish impulses and desires, and the security of his old life keeping him from making the big move toward psychological independence. Older cultures than ours […]

Most outrageous behavior during adolescence is normal. It’s temporary; it causes no harm to self or others. It doesn’t interfere with normal school or family functioning. Most adolescents muddle through this difficult search for independence and identity, but sometimes the passage of time isn’t enough. If your adolescent has any of the following behaviors, he’s run aground and needs psychological […]

Underachievers perform below their potential at school. They don’t finish their school work and homework. If you help them with homework, they lose it or don’t it in. The main cause is your child’s reaction to pressure and interference around school work. Poor grades become a way of proving his independence. The harder you try, the worse the situation becomes. […]

By age 12, 3% of youngsters still wet the bed. Most of them have a small bladder, one that can’t hold all the urine produced at night. By this age, I have my patients go directly to a bed wetting alarm. Modern alarms are portable, lightweight and respond to a few drops of urine. If you get a prescription for […]