Outside the home, you must count on consequences for doing the teaching. As your teenager experiments, she’ll learn to take responsibility for her decisions and actions. Speak up only if your adolescent is going to do something dangerous or illegal. Otherwise, let the school of hard knocks take over. If your teen has bad work habits, she’ll be released from […]

Teenagers need house rules; written ones will cut down on misunderstandings. Since you own the house and run the house, you make the rules. • First, you have to decide whether or not to loan out your car, bicycle, camera, radio, TV, clothes, and so on. If your teenager breaks something, she should repair it or replace it. • Second, […]

Dressing, talking, and acting differently than adults helps your teenager feel independent. Most of these objectionable habits and preferences merely reflect conformity with your teen’s peer group. Try not to criticize him about these “no win” topics. Too much criticism can destroy your relationship. So “back off” as they say. • Don’t try to change the way he wants to […]

Some talking back is normal. We want our teenagers to express their anger through talking, and when a teen challenges our decisions and opinions in a logical way, we need to listen. Expect your teenager to present his case passionately, even unreasonably, but let the small stuff go; it’s only words. On the other hand, don’t accept screaming, being rude, […]

The main work of adolescents in our culture is to become psychologically emancipated from the parents. The teenager must cast aside the dependent relationship of childhood and gain control of his life. This process is characterized by a certain amount of normal defiance and rudeness. Emotions run high and mood swings are common. The following tips may help you get […]

Many fat teenagers have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, in addition to emotional problems. Being a fat adolescent can have a devastating effect on self-esteem and self-confidence. If your teenager is on her way towards being fat, or is already fat, she needs help. She doesn’t need your criticism or ridicule, but rather your support. One of the hardest […]

Sometime around four to six weeks, your baby’s sleeping and eating will begin to settle towards a pattern. Once he sometimes sleeps for three or four hours at a stretch, you’ll want him to do that at night and save his dozing for the day. You can’t make him and you can’t hurry him, but you can help him. It’s […]

Traditionally, the dangers of early sex have been regarded as emotional and social. Certainly becoming involved in a sexual relationship and then losing that relationship can cause intense pain to a young, inexperienced adolescent. Getting pregnant at a young age and deciding to keep the baby can seriously threaten a young woman’s health, and limit her future and that of […]

Good communication with a doctor is vital to a person’s health and can be a challenge in the self-conscious teen years. But you can help your teen in several ways: 1. Urge him/her to be honest with the doctor. Doctors have heard just about everything and aren’t likely to be shocked. Honest answers can be crucial to a correct diagnosis. […]

Teens need to get the message that safe sex needs to be practiced by sexually active people of all ages. Even if your teen is not yet sexually active, and you’d prefer him or her to remain that way, talking about the risks of venereal diseases and prevention tactics can help him or her to make responsible choices. The only […]