While many teens worry about being overweight, a sizable minority worry about being too skinny. What can your teen do if this is a problem for him or her? 1. Consider your teen’s age, state of development and body type. If your teenager is in the rapid growth stage of development, he may fill out as growth slows. Some people […]

Could your teen be using or abusing drugs or alcohol? Ask yourself the following questions: 1. Have my teen’s group of friends changed suddenly? 2. Does my teen receive phone calls from people I’ve never heard of before? 3. Is he irritable? 4. Is he having trouble concentrating? 5. Is he getting into fights at school? 6. Have you heard […]

The excruciating big talk about the facts of life, or an embarrassed silence? This is a problem many parents share. And, while sex education ideally starts with honest answers to a child’s first questions at a very young age, it is not too late to start talking now. Forget about the “big talk.” This is too embarrassing and awkward for […]

The grim results of sexual irresponsibility are everywhere, not only in unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease statistics, but also in emotional upheaval, broken hearts and dreams. How can you raise your teen to be sexually responsible, so that he or she can avoid these risks? 1. De-emphasize the double standard. Don’t restrict daughters while encouraging sons to make conquests. […]

Beyond the normal amazement of how quickly time can fly, you may have the disquieting feeling that your teenager is growing up just a little “too fast.” Maybe you have a thirteen year old daughter who is dating a high school boy, and going to parties where alcohol is served. Perhaps your fourteen year old son is smoking on the […]

While many teens experiment with a cigarette, alcohol or drugs just once, and others confine their substance use entirely to cigarettes, the trend is toward risk clusters instead of one type of risk taking behavior. Recognizing a risk cluster can help a parent spot early signs of trouble. There are four, well documented risk clusters. They include: 1. A correlation […]

Your teen has colds, headaches, stomach aches and a host of other physical complaints. You may find yourself wondering if he is becoming a hypochondriac! The unique stresses of adolescence can make some teens appear to be hypochondriacs. • First, the physical and life changes in teens cause stress and heightened body awareness, so aches and pains are more likely […]

Teenagers are highly conscious and critical of their own bodies. Many girls worry about being too fat, even when their weight is normal. Many boys worry about being too short. You can help your teen to develop a better body image in several ways: 1. Compliment your teenager, whenever you can, about physical attributes. Too often as parents, we focus […]

Everyone has his or her own normal biological time table for pubertal development. Some boys, for example, show signs of puberty while still in elementary school, while others can get well into high school still looking like little boys. Being different from the average can be especially hard on a boy who’s puberty is delayed. If your son is in […]

While most New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken, you and your teen might resolve, day by day, during the coming year, to improve your relationship with the following resolutions: 1. We will listen to each other. Each of us has a right to a point of view, a right to be heard, even when the other disagrees. 2. […]