Your child’s eyes are one of the most important learning tools he brings into the classroom everyday. A child that can’t clearly see the chalkboard or read his workbook is missing out on much of what goes on during the day. If your child is having difficulty learning at school, frequently rubs his eyes, squints, reports eye strain, or in […]

Research suggests that what we expect from our children we get. Hence, to expect failure from a child is to breed failure. To expect success is to court success. However, it’s also important to realize that parents should also avoid placing unrealistic expectations on their children. One parent who has a musical child expects their kid to become the next […]

Tests, unfortunately, are becoming more and more common in our schools, creating test anxiety and learning blocks in our kids that get in the way of school success. However, you can help your child cope with the negative effects of testing by providing them with the necessary skills for coping with these stresses. Here are some ideas: • First, teach […]

Here are some ideas for helping your physically active youngster learn to spell more accurately. • First, have him spell words out loud, while jumping up every time a vowel is spoken. For example, to spell the word rocket, he’d sit on the “r,” jump up on the “o,” sit on the “c” and “k,” jump up on the “e,” […]

Many parents complain that they can’t help their kids with homework without it becoming a disaster for all concerned. Yet homework can actually be one of the best times to cement a positive learning bond between you and your child. Here are some suggestions for making homework a mutually satisfying experience. • First, let your child set the time and […]

A growing number of parents around the country are taking their children out of both public and private schools and teaching them at home. There are several advantages to such an action. • First, children have the opportunity to learn at their own pace without feeling pressure to keep in step with the school’s timetables. • Second, children can learn […]

You may have a child with tremendous learning problems, who might function brilliantly, if he were only living in another culture. The reason for this seeming paradox is that different cultures place different priorities on specific learning abilities. In our culture, the ability to read, write, spell and do math is very important. However, in certain South Sea island cultures, […]

Recent years have seen a massive increase in the amount of knowledge we possess about the human brain and learning. We now know that the gray matter making up the most visible portions of the brain controls many of the thinking processes used in school activities. However, several smaller structures found at a deeper level appear to be essential in […]

Musical children learn best through rhythm and melody. These kids respond naturally to music at home and at school. They may be excellent singers or play a musical instrument competently. They usually know many tunes from memory and can be heard whistling or humming them as they carry on with their daily routine. They are sensitive to environmental sounds, like […]

One important key to helping your child succeed in school is to become a “strength detective” at home! Make a list of all the wonderful things about your child. Include information about special talents your child may possess, such as musical or artistic abilities, positive qualities your child demonstrates, including attributes such as creativity, courage and curiosity. And don’t forget […]