Among the great new Christmas books are Kris Van Allsburg’s The Polar Express. In 1985 this book won the Caldecott Medal for the best illustrated book of the year. The Polar Express is a book that reaffirms the importance of the world of imagination, not only for children but for us all. On Christmas Eve a little boy goes to […]

Again, just like alphabet books, counting books provide wonderful opportunity for artists to paint almost anything they like without having to worry about someone else’s plot, thus there are great numbers of them by remarkable illustrators. Bert Kitchen’s Animal Numbers is thoroughly delightful with gorgeous big bold black numbers and animals starting with one kangaroo and hopping in leaps and […]

Really it’s never too early to take steps to make your child a reader. You can take those first steps even before your child is conceived by making yourself a reader. If reading is a habit with a parent, it’s likely to become a habit with a child. You can inform yourself about the world of children’s books by exploring […]

Although Where The Wild Things Are may seem frightening at first, essentially, this is a reassuring story of a little child who masters his own demons and who, at the end, is assured of his mother’s love. The story is about the little boy who is naughty, enters his world of fantasy, and comes out of it safely. The remarkable […]

Here are some ideas for reading activities with your preschooler: • Besides looking at illustrations together, or having the child repeat refrains, you can get wonderful, active participation by having him or her draw characters or scenes from the story, or draw or paint scenes in which the characters moved to other worlds or other stories which the child may […]

Here are some ideas for reading books with your preschool child. Consider time, place, and how. • As to time and place, grab odd moments to give both yourself and your child the pleasure of a reading break. Always keep a couple of books in the car. If you’re waiting a few minutes while someone is running an errand, that’s […]

Believe me, there is no best list for first books, and there are no rules. If there is some book that you yourself were particularly fond of as a child, your own enthusiasm in now reading it to your child will be contagious, and that will be your “right book for starting.” Personally, I always keep coming back to Beatrix […]