Labor is an exciting, rewarding experience for both the mother and father. There is, without doubt, pain and stress on the mom. The fetus, in most instances, will tolerate labor well. However, there is an element of risk that cannot be overlooked. That is why all babies should be monitored while in labor. The fetal monitoring measures a baby’s response […]

It is important that a woman and her partner take an active role in her pregnancy. Your pregnancy should be a positive and fulfilling experience. There are wide varieties of childbirth methods that a woman can choose from. These techniques are taught in courses given by hospitals, doctors, nurses, or midwives. When making a decision about which course, regardless of […]

The chances of having a twin pregnancy are about 1%. Twins can be identical, about 1/3 are, which means that they form from one egg. Or, they may be fraternal, non-identical, which means they came from two separate eggs. Twin pregnancies are high risk. These risks include: 1. Premature labor 2. Miscarriage 3. Having a difficult labor 4. Developing pre-eclampsia. […]

“You are what you eat” is a phrase that has some merit, especially when pregnant. It is never too late to improve your eating habits. Poor maternal nutrition can have serious effects on the growing baby. These include: low birth weight babies, increased incidence of premature birth, and increased risk of miscarriage, to name a few. Weight reduction diets, while […]

There are many dinosaur books for the elementary school child. For somewhat older youngsters, two recent books are Dinosaurs And Their World by Steven Parker and My Life With The Dinosaurs by Steven and Sylvia Czerkas. Dinosaurs And Their World is lavishly illustrated, describing the anatomy and mode of life of a variety of prehistoric beasts. The book sets the […]

God must have loved children, for he made the dinosaurs. And publishers know it, because there are lots and lots of books about dinosaurs. Among the newest ones are Dinosaur Discoveries by Robin West and Bob and Diane Wolf, an ingenious book with step-by-step instructions for actually making your own dinosaurs out of construction paper, scissors and glue. The other […]

I’m so glad you’re interested in ecology books for children, for if the planet is going to be preserved it’s the present generation of children that will have to do it. One good book on the subject is The Lost Kingdom of Karneka, a fairy tale by Richard Kennedy, co-published by the Sierra Club. This is the fairy tale of […]

Horses have an almost magical attraction for children. There are more good horse stories than you can shake a saddle at. Two very beautiful books are The Blind Colt by Glen Rounds, and Song Of The Horse by Richard Kennedy. Glen Rounds grew up on a Montana ranch himself, and there’s not much he doesn’t know about about the badlands […]

Part of the wonderful revival of old children’s books that are seen today is the reissue of the old Real Mother Goose series, first published in 1916. It may be that not only your parents, but your grandparents remember these wonderful black and white checkered volumes, with sweet old fashioned illustrations and large print of well-known rhymes. In addition to […]

The Ruth Seeger song collection American Folk Songs For Children is outstanding. A newer collection, also extremely beautiful, is titled Go In And Out The Window by Dan Fox and Claude Marks, published by Henry Holt. Go In And Out The Window doesn’t have all the helpful apparatus, the hints for parents, the games and activities that American Folk Songs […]