Everybody knows new babies need to be kept warm, but they can get too hot! Your baby cools himself by sweating, so he gets the cooling effect of moisture evaporating in the air. If you dress him too warmly, and especially if you use plastic pants, insulated snowsuits or rain proof stroller covers, you make it difficult for your baby’s […]

Ear piercing is a popular fashion trend among teens. Done properly, it is quite safe. However, teens who have a tendency to bleed heavily, have allergies to metals, are unusually susceptible to infections, or who tend to form kiloid scars, may want to think twice about getting their ears pierced, or may want to ask a physician first. “Do it […]

Many teenagers, unhappy with a facial feature or body contour, ask about plastic surgery. While cosmetic surgery can be a help to some, it isn’t for every teen. The most common procedures that may be beneficial to teens are: • rhinoplasty – surgery on the nose • odoplasty – surgery on prominent ears This can dramatically improve a teen’s appearance […]

If your teenager has had a lot of accidents lately, bike crashes, skateboard wipeouts, or automobile accidents, it may be time to take inventory on what else is going on in your teenager’s life. Some accidents, especially when they occur in a cluster, may not be accidents, but a sign of emotional trouble or a cry for help. For example, […]

Each year of school has its challenges and opportunities, but for many young people, seventh grade is the most challenging of all. This is the year when many young people make the change from the personal atmosphere of the smaller, elementary school with one teacher, to the larger, less personal junior high, with many teachers. This is a time, too, […]

It’s amazing how many “Old Wives’ Tales” there are about babies. Many are passed down from generation to generation, but just because Grandma says so doesn’t mean it’s true. Here are some: “A fat baby is a healthy baby.” Not true. The fact is that fat babies often turn out to be fat adults. “Solid foods will help a baby […]

If a therapist has recommended psychiatric hospitalization or other in-patient therapy for your teen, The American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry recommends asking the following questions: 1. Why is this treatment being recommended? 2. How will it help? 3. What are the alternatives and how do they compare? 4. What does the treatment program include? 5. How will my […]

There are ads in most magazines and newspapers exhorting parents of difficult, rebellious and obstinate teens to bring their kids to one or another residential treatment facility. But treating a teen residentially isn’t always the most appropriate choice. A teenager who is trying to withdraw from an alcohol or drug addiction may find a residential setting helpful. A therapist may […]

Does your teen have headaches, stomachaches and other ailments on school days? Does he express fear of going to school because of problems with peers or a teacher? Does she frequently cry or oversleep on weekday mornings? Does he stubbornly refuse to attend school most of the time, or sneak back home after you’ve left for work? If you answered […]