If your adolescent has had learning difficulties or other school problems, then these usually have been recorded in some way in your teen’s school files. These school files follow your child from school to school, and may even accompany them when they enter the work force. Parents need to be careful about monitoring these files, and realize that they have […]

Is your teenager bored with school? If so, you may need to do something at home to help bring a little life into his various school subjects. Here are a few suggestions: • For boring textbook material, try acting out the work, creating a little skit or play to illustrate the concepts or facts covered. For example, if your teen […]

With high school dropout rates and teenage apathy running rampant through our schools, it may benefit many parents to consider other choices for educating their adolescents. One important option to look at is apprenticeships. Apprenticeships go back thousands of years and actually were the original schools of ancient times. • In an apprenticeship, your teenager would study a skill or […]

Recent books, such as Allen Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind and E.D. Hirsch’s Cultural Literacy have focused new attention on the issue of how little our kids really know about their own culture. Studies suggest that high school students don’t even know when the Civil War took place and can’t identify Stalin or Churchill in world history. So […]

Tests, unfortunately, are becoming more and more widely used in our school, creating test anxiety and learning blocks in our teens that get in the way of school success. However, you can help your adolescent cope with the negative effects of testing by providing him with the necessary skills for coping with these stresses. Here are some ideas: • First, […]

Textbooks represent one of the primary tools used by teachers to help high school students learn about a new subject. Yet research suggests that textbooks may be among the least effective approaches in helping your teen to learn. • First, textbooks generally lack a distinct point of view, since they are often written by committees and try to avoid controversy. […]

Has your teenager been given one of the following labels at school? • Learning disabled • Emotionally disturbed • Mentally retarded • Educationally handicapped These are a few of the many terms used to label students in schools across the country. Schools label kids because it’s an efficient way of handling students who don’t fit the mold in the regular […]

Your teenager may have been labeled “learning disabled” but he may not actually be a disabled learner. Many, if not most, of the two million students who are labeled “LD” learn perfectly well, if they’re given instructional approaches tailored to their own unique ways of learning. If your son or daughter has been tested and labeled at school, then find […]

Underachievers perform below their potential at school. They don’t finish their school work and homework. If you help them with homework, they lose it or don’t it in. The main cause is your child’s reaction to pressure and interference around school work. Poor grades become a way of proving his independence. The harder you try, the worse the situation becomes. […]

The main work of adolescents in our culture is to become psychologically emancipated from the parents. The teenager must cast aside the dependent relationship of childhood and gain control of his life. This process is characterized by a certain amount of normal defiance and rudeness. Emotions run high and mood swings are common. The following tips may help you get […]