Pets can be wonderful for kids, providing companionship and great learning experiences. Dogs and cats are most common, but others-birds, fish, rabbits, gerbils and other rodents-are popular too. The advantage of having a dog or cat is that, with a little luck, it can be a companion and playmate to your child for many years. Hold off on acquiring a […]

Don’t give your child toys that have small parts that can be swallowed or become lodged in a child’s windpipe, ears or nose, such as doll accessories, small snap-together blocks of beads or puzzles with small pieces. CPSC has developed the “truncated cylinder test tube,” now available in retail stores. This clear plastic tube allows things to fall through it […]

Acquiring souvenirs can be a high point of the trip. Just decide on some criteria for spending money on them. Discuss beforehand what kids can and cannot buy. Establish limits and stick to them. Allocate travel money for their items but encourage them to enhance their buying power with some of their own money. Many families decide on one item […]

There are many favorite games which require no equipment and are perfect for passing the time in many situations, especially in the car. These listed don’t work for children under the ages of 2 or 3. For the very young, hand games, music, identifying objects by color and rotating toys work best. Once children are old enough you can engage […]

Start your child very young on a lifetime of protective skin care. While being outdoors is healthy and necessary, too much exposure to direct sun is not. • Keep a baby under a year old out of the hot summer sun altogether, if you can. Dress him or her in lightweight, light-colored clothing and, always a hat. If you’re pushing […]

The American Girls Collection For children 7 and up. Working with historians and curators at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Valerie Tripp has added the story of “Felicity: An American Girl” to Pleasant Company’s historical series on American girls. The first nine books, published in 1986, drew enthusiastic response for their sympathetic and realistic rendering of spunky and individualistic American girls […]

Most babies begin eating table foods at around 1 year of age. However, it is important that they eat the right table foods. Remember that it is less important that your child eats all the right things than that he doesn’t eat too much of the wrong things. A varied diet offering foods from each of the basic 4 food […]

Depending on who you speak with, some people would say it should not reach greater than 120, while others will say not greater than 140 beats per minute. I tend to take the middle road and say about 130 beats per minute. Now this is all taking into account that you are healthy and have no complications of pregnancy which […]

The younger your child, the more you probably dread having to take his or her temperature during an illness. It’s hard enough to get an accurate oral reading on an impatient older child, but taking a rectal temperature on a young child is usually the hardest. • Sometimes when a child is not seriously ill, all that is really necessary […]

Don’t waste your time lecturing your child on the importance of reading; it will probably fall on deaf ears. Let a child see you reading and writing for the practical reasons, as well as for pleasure. • You can encourage reading however, by encouraging your child to read at least one chapter of a book every night or even after […]