This is the season for graduation parties, and we all know that some teen graduates will drink, drive, and die during these celebrations. Sometimes parents just assume that their teens know how they feel about drinking and driving, or about saying no to alcohol. However, many studies of teens prove that if kids do not hear their parents say “No” […]

The entire nation was stunned when Magic Johnson announced recently that he is infected with the AIDS virus. His commitment to work for AIDS prevention has been applauded nationwide. There has been some controversy, however, about his initial “Safe Sex” message– with many feeling that abstinence, an option he is now advocating along with safe sex practices, should have a […]

Don’t give your child toys that have small parts that can be swallowed or become lodged in a child’s windpipe, ears or nose, such as doll accessories, small snap-together blocks of beads or puzzles with small pieces. CPSC has developed the “truncated cylinder test tube,” now available in retail stores. This clear plastic tube allows things to fall through it […]

If your teenager has had a lot of accidents lately, bike crashes, skateboard wipeouts, or automobile accidents, it may be time to take inventory on what else is going on in your teenager’s life. Some accidents, especially when they occur in a cluster, may not be accidents, but a sign of emotional trouble or a cry for help. For example, […]