Is your teenager depressed? The symptoms may be harder to spot than obvious blues. The following are some of the signs of teenage depression, and are most significant when they occur in combination and over a period lasting more than two weeks. • First, sadness, anxiety and hopelessness. • Second, lack of interest in food or compulsive overeating with resulting […]

The cold is a viral infection of the nose and throat. It usually passes in three or four day unless your child develops a complication. Call your child’s doctor if any of the following happens. • First, the eyelids develop a yellow drainage or are stuck together after a nap. This means your child needs some antibiotic eyedrops. • Second, […]

Inhalants are a group of volatile (breathable) substances abused by sniffing/inhaling. These are legal substances, most of which are found in everyday household products; not normally thought of as drugs, they have drug-like effects on users. Regulation for misuse is difficult, and the best prevention is educating children about the lethal effects of misuse. Inhalants are most often abused by […]

It is normal for a male to experience pain with an erection. Often this pain is related to having an erection that is prolonged in time. That is an erection that might last 20 or 30 minutes can be painful. The reason for this is that an erection is the pooling of blood or accumulation of venous blood in the […]

The entire nation was stunned when Magic Johnson announced recently that he is infected with the AIDS virus. His commitment to work for AIDS prevention has been applauded nationwide. There has been some controversy, however, about his initial “Safe Sex” message– with many feeling that abstinence, an option he is now advocating along with safe sex practices, should have a […]

Bacterial Vaginosis, or B.V., is simply a new name for the old infection Gardnerella Vaginitis, also known as Hemophilus Vaginitis. What is the infection with all these names? Bacterial vaginosis is the name for the organism responsible for a malodorous vaginal discharge which also causes irritation of the vagina and genital area. This infection is very common in adolescent girls. […]

Many parents wonder when a teenage girl should have her first pelvic exam and Pap smear. Such exams should begin when she starts having sex–or when you suspect that she may be sexually active. The Pap smear, as you may know, involves a slight scraping of the cervix with the cells obtained placed on a slide and sent to a […]

Many people assume that marijuana isn’t really a threat to health. But the drug has changed in recent years. The potency of a major ingredient – THC – has recently increased 10 t0 20 times. And researchers are discovering new, disturbing facts about the effects of marijuana on the body. For example: • A UCLA study of habitual marijuana smokers […]

It’s part of every parent’s nightmare: a teen daughter gets pregnant, your teenage son causes a pregnancy, or your teen tells you that he or she is gay. What can you do? First, contain your own feelings. Listening rather than lashing out can make a vital difference, not only in the resolution of the sexuality related crisis, but also in […]

Many parents feel that talking with their teens about birth control will either give the teens ideas, or communicate parental permission to have sex. However, teens do have ideas about sex, and some actually have sex without either birth control information or our knowledge or permission. And, you, as a parent, can give birth control information without giving your teen […]