Inhalants are a group of volatile (breathable) substances abused by sniffing/inhaling. These are legal substances, most of which are found in everyday household products; not normally thought of as drugs, they have drug-like effects on users. Regulation for misuse is difficult, and the best prevention is educating children about the lethal effects of misuse. Inhalants are most often abused by […]

The entire nation was stunned when Magic Johnson announced recently that he is infected with the AIDS virus. His commitment to work for AIDS prevention has been applauded nationwide. There has been some controversy, however, about his initial “Safe Sex” message– with many feeling that abstinence, an option he is now advocating along with safe sex practices, should have a […]

Many teen girls worry about and sometimes suffer from vaginal infections. How can you reassure your daughter and help her to maintain good health and hygiene? • Reassure her that a clear to whitish, non-irritating vaginal discharge is normal. A discharge is abnormal only if it causes irritation, itching, is mixed with blood, has a foul odor, or is a […]

Teens need to get the message that safe sex needs to be practiced by sexually active people of all ages. Even if your teen is not yet sexually active, and you’d prefer him or her to remain that way, talking about the risks of venereal diseases and prevention tactics can help him or her to make responsible choices. The only […]

Urinary infections are quite common in teenagers and young adults, especially women. There are many causes: • Bubble Baths can cause irritation of the urethra and can result in a urinary infection. • Careless wiping after a bowel movement causes feces to contaminate the urinary opening and can result in an infection. • Many young women just starting to have […]

The grim results of sexual irresponsibility are everywhere, not only in unplanned pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease statistics, but also in emotional upheaval, broken hearts and dreams. How can you raise your teen to be sexually responsible, so that he or she can avoid these risks? 1. De-emphasize the double standard. Don’t restrict daughters while encouraging sons to make conquests. […]

Your teen has colds, headaches, stomach aches and a host of other physical complaints. You may find yourself wondering if he is becoming a hypochondriac! The unique stresses of adolescence can make some teens appear to be hypochondriacs. • First, the physical and life changes in teens cause stress and heightened body awareness, so aches and pains are more likely […]

You may see the first signs in her tension and tears or by the remnants of a home pregnancy test in the trash or your daughter may share her fears with you directly. What is the best course of action when your daughter fears she may be pregnant? While home pregnancy tests are undeniably convenient, tests by a doctor are […]

Start your child very young on a lifetime of protective skin care. While being outdoors is healthy and necessary, too much exposure to direct sun is not. • Keep a baby under a year old out of the hot summer sun altogether, if you can. Dress him or her in lightweight, light-colored clothing and, always a hat. If you’re pushing […]

There are four steps you can take to prevent 90% of tooth decay. • First, make sure your child drinks fluoridated water. Fluoride builds strong decay-resistent enamel. Your child needs fluoride in the diet from two weeks to 12 years of age. If your water supply doesn’t contain fluoride, ask your doctor for a prescription. • Second, start brushing those […]