Bacterial Vaginosis, or B.V., is simply a new name for the old infection Gardnerella Vaginitis, also known as Hemophilus Vaginitis. What is the infection with all these names? Bacterial vaginosis is the name for the organism responsible for a malodorous vaginal discharge which also causes irritation of the vagina and genital area. This infection is very common in adolescent girls. […]

Many parents wonder when a teenage girl should have her first pelvic exam and Pap smear. Such exams should begin when she starts having sex–or when you suspect that she may be sexually active. The Pap smear, as you may know, involves a slight scraping of the cervix with the cells obtained placed on a slide and sent to a […]

While many teens worry about being overweight, a sizable minority worry about being too skinny. What can your teen do if this is a problem for him or her? 1. Consider your teen’s age, state of development and body type. If your teenager is in the rapid growth stage of development, he may fill out as growth slows. Some people […]

Teenagers are highly conscious and critical of their own bodies. Many girls worry about being too fat, even when their weight is normal. Many boys worry about being too short. You can help your teen to develop a better body image in several ways: 1. Compliment your teenager, whenever you can, about physical attributes. Too often as parents, we focus […]

A mother in New Jersey wrote to me recently concerned about her son’s acne. It had reached such a heightened level of severity that he refused to leave the house. She was desperate for ideas to help her son. I told her that whatever she does, don’t respond by telling him “Everyone your age has that problem,” or “It doesn’t […]

You may see the first signs in her tension and tears or by the remnants of a home pregnancy test in the trash or your daughter may share her fears with you directly. What is the best course of action when your daughter fears she may be pregnant? While home pregnancy tests are undeniably convenient, tests by a doctor are […]

Start your child very young on a lifetime of protective skin care. While being outdoors is healthy and necessary, too much exposure to direct sun is not. • Keep a baby under a year old out of the hot summer sun altogether, if you can. Dress him or her in lightweight, light-colored clothing and, always a hat. If you’re pushing […]

Over half a million children in the United States are estimated to be currently taking the drug Ritalin for hyperactivity. While many experts claim the drug helps children succeed in school by calming them down and reducing their distractibility, there are growing concerns that the disadvantages of using Ritalin may far outweigh its advantages in most cases. Side effects of […]

Sunburn can quickly turn a pleasant vacation into a miserable experience. What most people fail to remember is that the symptoms don’t begin until two to four hours after the sun has already done its damage. Also the peak reaction of redness and swelling is not seen for a full 24 hours. It’s a misconception that we can tell when […]

Weaning from the bottle to the cup should always be done gradually. Trying to wean fast will make your child angry, clinging, and miserable. • First, reduce bottle feedings to three or four per day, and don’t allow your child to carry a bottle around during the day. After you cut back on the number of bottles, and your child […]