Question: What information is available on teens and hysteria (i.e.. conversion reactions, psychosomatic diseases, etc.) My daughter,15 has complained of pains throughout her body and has collapsed and has been brought to hospital. Our MD has indicated that it is probably hysteria or conversion reactions. She is under the care of a therapist and psychiatrist. What other information is available […]

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Gift giving is an age old tradition as well as a reciprocal social courtesy that will be expected of your teen when he or she becomes an adult. It is in their best long term interest to start learning NOW how to budget and save part of their earned money or allowance for gifts. If their earnings are small, they […]

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Many parents write to me for advice or guidelines to use when their children start dating. I have not found a sample dating contract among my professional books, but there is a book that might help you to develop one. “Pick Up Your Socks, and Other Skills Growing Children Need,” Elizabeth Crary, (Parenting Press, Seattle, 12.95). Chapter 3 on Guidance […]

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At about 15 many teens go through a period of being introspective and moody. They seem to be thinking through how they feel about themselves and figuring out how this perception matches with what others think of them. Most of them work through this and come to terms with their self image by age 16. Ups and downs during the […]

Busy, overloaded days often make us unaware that family communication is suffering. Congratulations to those parents who take notice and want to improve the situation. However maybe it is more the “what” than the “how” that’s the problem. For example, if you ask parents to list what they talk with their school aged children or adolescents on a given day, […]

Does your teenage son want a summer job? Are you wondering how to convince him that he needs to start doing something about it right now? Teens looking for summer work should start serious job hunting tactics no later than March 1. If he doesn’t believe you, there are some good resource books in your local library about teen job […]

Spanking teaches the use of fear and power over someone more vulnerable than yourself. Is this what you really want your child to learn and to practice when she is an adult? You say “it seems to work”. Well, I believe what’s happening is that she is simply repressing her anger at being spanked. She also feels degraded as a […]

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This is the season for graduation parties, and we all know that some teen graduates will drink, drive, and die during these celebrations. Sometimes parents just assume that their teens know how they feel about drinking and driving, or about saying no to alcohol. However, many studies of teens prove that if kids do not hear their parents say “No” […]

I believe in being the wall against which kids must push up against and that parenting is not a popularity contest. I think it’s usually safe to talk to one’s feelings ( i.e., “I need to talk about our confrontation. It really scared me. It must not happen again because that behavior is just not acceptable to me. I’m your […]

Inhalants are a group of volatile (breathable) substances abused by sniffing/inhaling. These are legal substances, most of which are found in everyday household products; not normally thought of as drugs, they have drug-like effects on users. Regulation for misuse is difficult, and the best prevention is educating children about the lethal effects of misuse. Inhalants are most often abused by […]