Are you coping with fatigue from a new baby? Well, cut your expectations of yourself in half. The immaculate home, the gourmet meals, and the beautifully organized schedule that you’ve prided yourself on aren’t as important right now as taking care of your baby and yourself. • Use paper plates and take-out meals for a few weeks and don’t even […]

The report card is an important part of a child’s life, an affirmation of effort, even if the grades aren’t the greatest. If you think back to your school days, you’ll probably remember a few cards that you worried about and others you were especially proud of. • Remember that your child’s grades are theirs, not yours. If they’re earned […]

How can you best deal with that transition time when you arrive home after work? Well, first, make yourself a rule: leave work at work. • Take a few extra minutes for yourself when you can. Linger at work or in the car or stretch your muscles in the car before coming in the door. Or take the long way […]

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What is there that makes you madder than finding out that your child is being pestered by a bully at the bus stop? Most frustrating is the fact that if it’s serious, physical bullying, it’s best to just stand by and let your child handle the situation. However, here are some suggestions about how you can help. • Talk about […]

The school bus rules might be the first piece of homework your child brings home, and the school bus might be the first mode of public transportation he or she takes alone. It’s important that rules be followed for everyone’s safety, and for the sanity of the bus driver. • Do discuss procedures and rules to be followed on the […]

Habits that parents don’t like aren’t necessarily bad ones; most often they’re just annoying. If your child is hooked on a pacifier, and it bothers you, there are some things you can try. Remember that you can’t break a child’s habit, you can only help your child break it. • Try putting some pickle juice or something sour or bitter […]

To tell or not tell about Santa, that is a question for many parents at this time of year. According to development experts, many of your child’s beliefs will be generally determined by what their age allows them to believe. • Up to the age of two and a half, Santa is a formidable character who is often feared by […]

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During the first year of life, a baby goes through a series of stages of physical coordination that won’t be repeated. It is fascinating to watch this human development, this urge to be upright, to stand, to walk. It is a strong and exciting human urge that defies almost any attempt to stop it. • Physical development in infants in […]

Traveling by plane with a baby? Only babies under two travel free, but you must inform the airline that you’re traveling with an infant. • For a very small baby, you might want to reserve the bulkhead seats; basinettes are available for your use behind the bulkheads, but should be arranged for when you reserve your seat. • Do board […]

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Finding good places to eat with little ones can be difficult when traveling. You might even want to consider choosing a drive-in if you’re traveling with a very fussy baby. Or at least pick a noisy restaurant where you won’t be that noticed. • You can ask any restaurant to fill your thermos with hot water that you can mix […]