Q — After eight years of living with his mother, my 16-year- old son has decided to move in with me. Sharing my apartment with him and his belongings is a shock! I feel guilty about resenting him for intruding. He’s my son and I love him. But our fairly close relationship is being jeopardized by what I view as […]

It is normal for a male to experience pain with an erection. Often this pain is related to having an erection that is prolonged in time. That is an erection that might last 20 or 30 minutes can be painful. The reason for this is that an erection is the pooling of blood or accumulation of venous blood in the […]

Many parents are concerned about driving safety and their children. This concern arises not only for teens but for others who encounter the new drivers on the road. Statistics prove that new, inexperienced drivers are at the highest risk for accidents, which is why insurance rates for 16- to 20-year-olds are so high. The time between driver’s education and the […]

A letter I received from a mother in Pennsylvania told the tale of her 15-year-old daughter who, she explained punctuates all her conversations with finger pokes and punches, and she leans into the mother or pulls on me whenever she wants to say something. Most of the time the daughter tries to pass this off as a joke. The mother […]

Sometimes teens would rather hear us talk less. We need to show that we care with our eyes, touch and body language. Sometimes a hug or an arm around the shoulders will help a teen feel he or she can tell you what is on his or her mind. Today’s teens have a lot more to worry about than we […]

PARENTS Q: About a month ago you wrote about a mother who was worried about her daughter’s first date. You said the boy should come in and meet you before they went out, have a snack, and tell you their plans for the date (even if your daughter had already told you). Don’t you think this is a bit ridiculous? […]

Q: Our sons are 17 and 18, one in high school and one in college. This year they want to go to Florida or the Bahamas on spring break and they are asking us for the money. They would drive down with friends but they don’t know where they will be staying; it depends on how much money they can […]

Q: I usually agree with your advice, but when you were a teen in the 1950s, your family had more time to have talks and do things together. Today there’s just not enough time. — K.P., Clear Lake, Texas A: I agree that making time to interact with their teens is one of the biggest problems facing today’s parents. However, […]

Some people were brought up in families that practiced daily conversations. Teens are bombarded with sounds. They may relish moments of silence and reflection. Sometimes school and family are the last things they want to talk about. Your child might even want to talk to someone about her fears, hopes or dreams . . . someone who will just listen […]

Many kids in their early teens who wish to become actively involved in some summer activities, but yet are too young for regular employment have other options available. Many places, like the parks and public zoos, will not use young volunteers because of insurance risks, but The Humane Society is often a viable option. They usually need help of various […]