If you’re going through a divorce, I’m sure you’re trying to keep your child’s life as constant as possible with his friends, at school, and on teams, and I’m also sure you’re helping him talk about his many hurtful feelings, but are you addressing the issue that will have the greatest impact on his long-term emotional health? I’m talking about […]

Halloween is one of the favorite holidays of all children. Help your child enjoy it. First, young children need you to buy or put together their costume. Try to get it ready in advance. If you attend one Halloween party or parade at school you’ll have more costume ideas that you can ever use. Second, let your child participate in […]

“Growing pains” is a term we use for low grade muscle pains that we can’t otherwise explain. They occur in about 10% of school age children. They occur in the muscles of the thigh or the lower leg, not the joints. They tend to be worse in the evening, but don’t awaken a child from sleep like muscle cramps do. […]

When young children are angry, they scream or throw a tantrum. As they get older they say hurtful things like “I hate you!”. When they’re mad, they go right for the jugular. How should you respond? First, respect your child’s need to express angry feelings. Don’t take these exaggerated comments personally. You can reply, “Well, I love you anyway,” but […]

If your child awakens before you do, you can be sure he’ll come and wake you up. He’s excited about the new day and he wants to share it with you. If you’d like to add a few precious minutes of sleep to your morning, here are some steps you can take: • First, be sure he takes only one […]

Children should not be allowed to interrupt brief visits by your friends. After an initial greeting and some brief attention, your child should not be allowed to crawl on guests, or to interrupt the adult conversation. Your friends will appreciate your taking a stand about this. • First, clarify your expectation for your child. “Please don’t interrupt me when I’m […]

A spoiled child makes unfair demands on others, doesn’t respond to “no”, and constantly wants an adult to entertain him. The spoiled child gets his way with whining and tantrums. Spoiled children aren’t happy because they don’t get along well with age mates or grown-ups. The main cause is leniency and giving in. The opposite of a spoiled child is […]

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Don’t be afraid to say “no” to your child. Children need limits. If you don’t make the rules, your child will. Left to their own devices, most children will spoil themselves, so start rules to protect your sanity by four months of age. Have rules for safety by eight months of age. Gradually add rules to teach socially acceptable behavior, […]

You’re trying to leave for work, a dental appointment, or an errand, but your child isn’t dressed. What to do about this procrastination? • First, give your child ten minutes warning before departure. Use a kitchen timer and encourage her to beat the timer. Always praise her for being ready early or on time. • Second, if your child isn’t […]

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Passive smoking refers to the smoke your child inhales by living in a household with people who smoke. If one parent smokes, that’s equivalent to your child smoking 30 or 40 cigarettes per year. Children of smokers have an elevated blood nicotine level. I’m sure you’re well aware of the fact that smokers cough and wheeze more than other adults. […]