What are some good reasons for your teenager to say no to sex? You might tell him or her: 1. “Hold off if you don’t know each other well.” The best sexual sharing comes with someone you know and trust. Why do it with someone who isn’t special to you? 2. “The risk of sexually transmitted diseases is a very […]

If you’re feeling middle-aged, tired, in a rut, and less fit than you used to be, it isn’t surprising that you might sometimes envy your teen’s physical beauty, strength, youth, and seemingly limitless life choices and opportunities. These feelings of envy are understandable, giving some of the losses of middle age. But ask yourself if, looking back, you’d really want […]

If you’re expecting a baby, you might think you’ve prepared your family adequately for the big event, but wait – have you prepared your pet? Don’t laugh; it’s important if you want your dog or cat and the baby to become good friends, Here’s what a nationally recognized animal trainer suggests: • Be sure your pet is well trained and […]

Adolescents aren’t necessarily better equipped to deal with divorce because of their age. Anger and uncertainty are normal reactions for these kids, although they may be more adept at hiding these feelings. • Adolescents are learning to separate from the family as a unit and their growth toward independence, and divorce poses additional conflicts for them in this area. Others […]

Adolescence represents one of the most difficult stages in human development. The teenager needs desperately to leave his childhood behind and enter fully into the world of adults — but often feels the pull of childish impulses and desires, and the security of his old life keeping him from making the big move toward psychological independence. Older cultures than ours […]

If your adolescent has had learning difficulties or other school problems, then these usually have been recorded in some way in your teen’s school files. These school files follow your child from school to school, and may even accompany them when they enter the work force. Parents need to be careful about monitoring these files, and realize that they have […]

Is your teenager bored with school? If so, you may need to do something at home to help bring a little life into his various school subjects. Here are a few suggestions: • For boring textbook material, try acting out the work, creating a little skit or play to illustrate the concepts or facts covered. For example, if your teen […]

With high school dropout rates and teenage apathy running rampant through our schools, it may benefit many parents to consider other choices for educating their adolescents. One important option to look at is apprenticeships. Apprenticeships go back thousands of years and actually were the original schools of ancient times. • In an apprenticeship, your teenager would study a skill or […]

Recent books, such as Allen Bloom’s The Closing of the American Mind and E.D. Hirsch’s Cultural Literacy have focused new attention on the issue of how little our kids really know about their own culture. Studies suggest that high school students don’t even know when the Civil War took place and can’t identify Stalin or Churchill in world history. So […]

Tests, unfortunately, are becoming more and more widely used in our school, creating test anxiety and learning blocks in our teens that get in the way of school success. However, you can help your adolescent cope with the negative effects of testing by providing him with the necessary skills for coping with these stresses. Here are some ideas: • First, […]