There are an estimated one million teen pregnancies each year in this country and not all of them are accidental. Many children have children to have someone to love, to be important, to prove love, or for a host of other reasons. Most don’t realize what parenthood really means. Communicating a realistic view of parenthood to your teen can be […]

Babies spend most of the first year in ignorance of the fact that they’re individual people separate from their parents. As they learn that objects and people do have an existence of their own, separate from themselves (as they learn what psychologists call object competency), so they discover that separateness. It’s a huge intellectual leap in understanding, but not an […]

New babies don’t cry to be picked up, but they often cry because they’ve been put down. The living warmth, support, and gentle movement of your body, with the sound of your heart and breathing, are much closer to what your baby is used to than the solitude of the crib. For a while, your baby may only be content […]

It’s sometimes sad that the only life experience as difficult as being a teenager is being the parent of a teenager. Much of this difficulty comes as the result of a teenager’s ambivalence toward his parents. One minute he may be loving, fun and affectionate and the next, uncommunicative, unreachable and impossible. He may alternate between insisting he’s old enough […]

You can do a lot to help your teen cope with the stresses in his life. Here are some easy simple techniques you can put to use today: • First, spend time with your teen. Listen to him. Express love and let your child know that he is loved and valued as a person, whatever he does or doesn’t achieve. […]

Communication barriers are habits that get in the way of good parenting communication. These include: 1. Labeling and belittling. Saying things like, “What do you know? You’re just a kid!” or “You’re a disappointment to me.” This paves the way for total lack of communication. 2. Ordering, prescribing and lecturing. Saying things like, “Do it because I said so” or […]