Fluoride, when added to community water supplies, is the most effective public health measure for preventing tooth decay, according to the American Dental Association. Fluoridation of water is safe, only costs the community about 50 cents a person a year, helps persons of all ages and prevents cavities. Fluoride in toothpastes and rinses helps, too. Not all communities have fluoridated […]

Children are like emotional sponges. They will pick up on your tension and anxiety, even if you say nothing. In many cases this can cause more stress than would the truth, because they may imagine far bigger problems than you have, or may think they are the cause of the tension. Many parents feel uncomfortable talking with their children about […]

Last month you gave advice to parents who had just decided to divorce. How about tips for those of us who have to deal with problems after the divorce? I often encounter stress when my 13-year-old visits her father, my ex-husband. It just seems to be such a hassle. — G.A., McAllen, Texas Your daughter needs an ongoing relationship with […]

She may call a boy she likes ten or more times a day, perhaps leaving suggestive messages on the answering machine. She may write a boy notes that would make even the most liberal grown Child of the Sixties (or Seventies) blush. She may take the lead in urging sexual activity. She is the central figure in new parental nightmares–concerns […]

Competition for admission to top colleges has spawned whole new industries-from individuals who will coach a student and his family through the entire admissions process to firms that prepare students for standardized tests such as the SAT and ACT. Some community centers, high schools and community colleges are getting in on the act by offering their own classes in test-taking […]

Why is it so important that your unborn baby be active? You should begin to feel some fetal movement as early as 16 weeks pregnant. The exact timing will vary depending on the individual. When the baby becomes viable then your perception of the quality of the fetal movement becomes very important. This is your baby’s way of talking to […]

The question of whether religion should be taught in the schools has become one of the most heated educational topics of recent years. Some suggest that children should be able to pray, read religious materials, and even receive religious instruction in the public schools, while others contend that virtually no reference to religion should ever be made within the boundaries […]

Many kids grow up with little education about economic matters from their families or school. One poll indicated that only 35% of parents discuss money issues with their children. As a result of this neglect, kids approach adulthood poorly prepared to manage their own finances, make sound money decisions, or even understand what’s going on in the economic news of […]

A revolution seems to be taking place in contemporary culture. Many children, inspired by the new concern being placed on protecting the environment, are heeding the call and developing a new “eco-awareness” that may be transforming our society. All across the country, there are classrooms of kids working on projects designed to rid the planet of pollution and kinds of […]

In Grandma’s day it wasn’t unusual to hear that the right hand was the “angel’s hand” and the left, the “devil’s hand”. Few people today are so thoughtless, but right-handed parents might look closely at such tools as ladles, butter knives and can openers and even certain toys before they label left-handed children awkward. A left-handed child may be encouraged […]