The American Girls Collection For children 7 and up. Working with historians and curators at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Valerie Tripp has added the story of “Felicity: An American Girl” to Pleasant Company’s historical series on American girls. The first nine books, published in 1986, drew enthusiastic response for their sympathetic and realistic rendering of spunky and individualistic American girls […]

Does your child refuse to go to bed or to stay in the bedroom? Does he prolong the bedtime interaction with never ending questions, unreasonable requests, protests, and tantrums? If so, you’re dealing with bedtime refusal, a common way for young children to postpone bedtime and stay up with you. To deal with this delaying tactic: • First, establish a […]

I have yet to figure to how to “get” a child to outgrow anything. They seem to do it on their own timetable. Between 2 and 3 biting, unfortunately, is a common occurrence because children lack the verbal skills to convey their feelings. Biting gets an immediate effect. While vigilance must be your main response, here are some others to […]

Most babies begin eating table foods at around 1 year of age. However, it is important that they eat the right table foods. Remember that it is less important that your child eats all the right things than that he doesn’t eat too much of the wrong things. A varied diet offering foods from each of the basic 4 food […]

There are a number of things you can do to reassure your child who is having separation anxiety. First, call your child as often as you reasonably can during the day from work so that she has contact with you, and, let her know you’ll be doing this. If possible, on a weekend, or during a work day, let her […]

Questions a teen needs to ask herself before even thinking of having a baby include: 1. “What can I give my baby?” Most of us want the very best for our children: unconditional love, a fair amount of economic security, freedom from hunger, and ideally, the loving support of two parents are some important basics. Parenthood can be tough, and […]

You’ll want to encourage your child’s effort at self dressing, even though it will take a good deal more time at first and cause some frustration for you and your child. If you can’t help resisting, busy yourself elsewhere, close enough to give assistance, but leaving your child to handle it all alone. • You can make button handling easier […]

One thing that parenting has taught me is just how angry I could get. I never understood child abuse until I had children. No, I never abused my children, but I could understand the feelings. Letting out your angers and frustrations on your children is wrong and unfair. Just recall for a moment how you felt when your parents screamed […]

You probably though you were unbelievably busy after the birth of your first child. Now you’ve got two on your hands. Well, this might be the time when Dad steps in and helps out more than before. Remind him of that old saying, “God did give Mother two pair of hands — the other pair is just on Dad’s arms.” […]

It’s important to look upon punishment as corrective, not retaliatory. You want to educate your child, not get even with him or her. • The form of punishment should be appropriate for a child’s age and behavior. For example, many feel that a child over a certain age (perhaps seven or eight) should never be spanked. • It’s important to […]