Don’t waste your time lecturing your child on the importance of reading; it will probably fall on deaf ears. Let a child see you reading and writing for the practical reasons, as well as for pleasure. • You can encourage reading however, by encouraging your child to read at least one chapter of a book every night or even after […]

Car pooling is an economical and timesaving way to get children to all the places they have to go. Each Fall, it’s wise to organize a new car pool carefully, drawing up schedules for driving, and making arrangements for substitutes when necessary. Safety should always be emphasized. A good car pool doesn’t include more children than there are seat belts. […]

Hot dogs have been under attack because of their inclusion of sodium nitrites, a questionable additive that’s also used in many luncheon meats, ham, and other cured meat products. This additive prevents botulism, food poisoning, and gives a reddish color to the products it’s used in. • Nitrites in large doses can be toxic, but they’re used in very, very […]

Older babies and toddlers are often early wakers, and, unfortunately for parents who are slow starters, the children are usually bright-eyed, full of conversation, and raring to go. Or worse, some wake up cross and irritable. Parents who like to sleep a bit later than their children often take turns getting up early, so at least one of them can […]

Separation anxiety, the fear that an infant experiences when he is away from a mother or a primary caretaker, usually begins at around six or eight months and peaks at about a year and a half. It’s a normal part of development that your child recognizes his own being and that of others. In fact, pediatricians watch for this during […]

There are two schools of thought about handling the child who threatens to run away from home. “Okay, I’ll help you pack your things” is one approach, and “Oh no, I love you too much to let you go” is the other. Now both have worked for many children, and one might be right for yours. The first one can […]

I’ll bet you used a bedtime routine or ritual to help your baby get to sleep, a cuddle in a rocking chair, a lullaby, perhaps a gentle back rub. Well don’t give up this lovely practice just because you think your child has outgrown it. Just a few minutes together every night can give you and your child the best […]

This may be the first time you’re hiring someone, unless you’ve had personnel experience at work. It’s natural to be a little ill at ease at first, but keep in mind that the person being interviewed is nervous too. • Begin with small talk to get acquainted. In an initial phone call, introduce yourself, describe your child, and briefly state […]

Very young children may be unable to put a label on the experience of divorce, but even they realize that something is different and usually react with bodily responses and regressive behavior. • When parents are anxious, toddlers sense the emotion and frequently become fearful themselves. The most important way you can help your toddler adjust is by keeping life […]

During divorce, a preschooler’s fear of abandonment manifests itself in various forms of separation anxiety. When parents become separated, Pre-School often fear that any negative thought about a parent has come true. They think that they’re now being punished for a bad wish or angry thought. This type of magical thinking can even prevent children from asking why the divorce […]