Seal of Approval Winner
Spring 2017
Seal of Approval Winner Spring 2017

PladdleZlam is a little like smash ball, a little like pickleball and a whole lot of fun. Perfect for the backyard, picnics, the beach, you get the idea. The game’s rules are easy to understand and are printed directly on the box, so no worries about losing a paper insert. Every tester mentioned that this can be a little hard to master and it will take a few rounds to “get it” but once you do, you can all play for hours. Again, patience is key. Know your kids and how much they will stick to something that doesn’t come without effort. There is very limited setup required, just an open space of 15-20 feet and connecting the cones. The set comes with four included paddles and a wiffleball. Everything is well made and proved to be quite durable.

Recommended Age: All

Price: $39.99


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