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Although you may think that a suntan makes you look healthy, just the opposite is true. Sunburn is unhealthy for everybody’s skin, including your child’s.

The evidence is clear that the sun’s rays damage the skin, cause aging and lead to a higher risk of skin cancer later on in life. Only one severe childhood episode of sunburn doubles the chances of getting skin cancer later on in life. A proper sunscreen should be used on your child whenever he’s outside, not only at the beach or on a hot sunny day. The sun protection factor should be at least a number 15.

A hat should be worn when a child is outdoors for a number of hours during the day. Frequent reapplications of the sunscreen are necessary, especially after swimming. The routine application of a sunscreen will protect your child’s skin from a lot of serious trouble later on in life and it’s your responsibility to make sure that it’s used.

Dr. Alvin Eden is chairman of the department of pediatrics at Wyckoff Heights Hospital in Brooklyn and associate clinical professor of pediatrics at Cornell University Medical Center. Dr. Eden has authored several books including “Positive Parenting” and “Healthy Kids”.


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