Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2013
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013

Dice Off
Many parents want to introduce a second language to their children but they don’t know where to start or what is age-appropriate. Dice Off uses a game setting, one that is easy to learn and really fun to play. The game teaches Spanish verbs and adjectives which seem to make the process easier for starting students. Parents liked the fact that there were four different games to play making it easy to keep things fresh and interesting. Pronunciation is a big key to Dice Off and there is a companion app for the iPad which is well designed and does a nice job of supporting the material. Finally, parents and kids appreciated the fact that this was not a dry learning experience as there are lots of humorous cards and references to keep you smiling while learning.

Recommended Age: 7 and Up

Price: $44.95


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