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There are many dinosaur books for the elementary school child. For somewhat older youngsters, two recent books are Dinosaurs And Their World by Steven Parker and My Life With The Dinosaurs by Steven and Sylvia Czerkas. Dinosaurs And Their World is lavishly illustrated, describing the anatomy and mode of life of a variety of prehistoric beasts. The book sets the lives of these creatures in a geological and cosmological context, presents theories as to their extinction and even shows how a dinosaur’s skeleton is reconstructed in a museum. The book is beautiful, and if you weren’t interested before, you will be once you open it. If your youngster is already interested in dinosaurs, she may well enjoy the autobiography of the Czerkas’; dinosaur artists who make careers traveling the world to find bones and to construct great dinosaur sculptures.

Peter Neumeyer is a professor of English at San Diego State University and highly recognized in the field of children’s literature. He is the author, editor, or translator of 10 books and over 100 articles. His articles and reviews appear regularly in Mother and Parents’ Choice. In 1994, he published The Annotated Charlotte’s Web, and he is currently assembling his second collection of poetry.


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