Seal of Approval Winner
Holiday 2013
Seal of Approval Winner Holiday 2013

You have to see these guys do their thing to appreciate how cute and cool they are. They were certainly attention grabbers in our testing centers. The hip, modern, colorful robot is ready to show off his dance moves and when synched with a smartphone its really something remarkable to seeā€”from the expressions and lights to DiscoRobo’s uncanny ability to pick up and really connect with the beat of the music playing. Every part of the robot’s body gets involved: arms, legs, head and body all “feel” the music and show off moves. Parents noted that the movements are smooth and stable, not herky-jerky like many less refined robot toys. There is an associated app that is a nice add-on to the experience. The general consensus among testers was that this was super fun, interesting, amazing, engaging, and very entertaining.

Recommended Age: 4 and Up

Price: $45.00


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